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4 Assassins (also known as Far Away Eyes) is a Hong Kong-import that ratchets up the action by inserting hints of the mystery genre. The titular group is assembled without any sort of information regarding whom has contacted them or what they will have to do. Each of the 4 Assassins have history with each other, making the reveal that much more tense. Before that occurs, a period of self-reflection threatens to increase violence levels and destroy the delicately-constructed group. Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day) and Miguel Ferrer (Twin Peaks) star in 4 Assassins, but the film soars on the backs of the up and coming actors that fill out the cast (Michael C. Pizzuto, Barry O’Rorke).


What results in 4 Assassins is a tremendously alluring film that breaks down genre conventions. 4 Assassins has brilliant use of color; Inception’s copy of this film is incredibly sharp in video and audio quality. The DVD version is spot-on, resulting in an experience that is as near the original theatrical release as one can get; colors are vibrant without distraction from the action, while each utterance can be discerned as clear as day.


Give the Inception Media Group website a spin and see exactly what titles that they will be releasing in 2013. 4 Assassins is a title that is a must-have purely for its refreshing take on what a feature film can be, and the sheer effort put into making the title immersive. Online retailers have copies of 4 Assassins available for under $10; if you like psychological or otherwise heady films, 4 Assassins is the title for you.


Rating: 8.6/10

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4 Assassins (DVD) / 2013 Inception Media Group / 88 Minutes / http://www.inceptionmediagroup.com

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