We at Norton are thrilled, shocked, and glowing in the dark about our friends at DIG DEEPER going the extra mile- heck, the extra LIGHT YEAR– in bringing our in-house Northwest kings THE SONICS east, to blast at a Norton Benefit Ball! Massive kudos to those darling devils at DIG DEEPER, Richard and Mr Robinson– thank you for your kaBOOMin’ hearts and SOUL!


Dig Deeper is honored to present our heroes, Pacific Northwest garage legends The Sonics. This show is a benefit for Norton Records – all ticket sales will be donated to Norton to help them cope with their hurricane-related losses. When we say “all ticket sales” we mean everything.
When we started Dig Deeper, we intended to go beyond soul and put on a few garage shows over time. In reality, the only band we really wanted to work with was the Sonics.

There is rock & roll – and then, there are The Sonics. You could have done a lot less to get named by many as the first garage / punk band – but the Sonics pushed well beyond that line with singles that were too scary for radio, with drum pummel and guitar wail, and screams that could curdle blood a mile’s distance.

Bear in mind that in 1964 when The Sonics were recording their debut LP “Here are The Sonics”, singing about drinking strychnine, screaming about a Psycho, and going positively mental with frantic proto-hardcore rhythms about the new Witch girl in town – The Beatles had just released a Hard Day’s Night. The year before, the Fab Four recorded covers of “Roll over Beethoven” and “Money (that’s what I want)” – but when the Sonics tackled these same tunes, they sounded like they came from not just a completely different planet, but a completely different unhinged reality.

When our friends Billy and Miriam – whose Norton Records label has led the charge for garage and soul music for past 25 years, who reissued The Sonics catalog, and who booked The Sonics for an epic show celebrating their 25th anniversary as a label – lost their inventory in Hurricane Sandy, we knew there was only one thing we could do. Bring the Sonics back to town.

We know countless friends who moaned when they missed getting tickets the last 2 times the Sonics came to NYC. Do not be in that tragic crowd this time, and know that your ticket sales will go straight to Norton. You Can’t Drown the Loud Sound!

Opening the night will be our friends Rye Coalition, celebrating their 20th year together as a band. For this show, they will be focusing on material from their masterpiece “On Top”, augmented by other gems from across their career. Please arrive early, and Rock on to Jersey City.

As always, before and after the live acts, Dig Deeper DJs Mr. Robinson and DJ Honky spin all original garage and soul 45s for the dancefloor!
SAT 4/13 8pm doors / 9pm show / $25 adv / $30 dos


Author: James McQuiston

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