Thorcraft Cobra – Count It In (CD)

Somewhere between Big Star and Urge Overkill records, you’ll find Count it In, the first full length from Thorcraft Cobra. Comprised of Billy Zimmer and Tammy Glover, each a refugee from other bands, and a handful of guests including Steve McDonald of Redd Kross, Thorcraft Cobra is a pop/rock band stripped of pretentions, crammed with a myriad of influences, and amazingly satisfying. There is not a weak track out the 14 that make up this proper debut.

Big fat hooks, and sweet harmonies, are apparently the hallmarks of the band with songs like “True Love,” “Obsession” and “Bemused, Bored and Deranged” fighting to stand out in a field already crowded with other strong contenders.

The band also has an EP to its name, and Count It In apparently took a while to come together, so there is always the danger that this is destined to be an infrequent collaboration (or worse, a brilliant, one-off experiment). Let’s hope not, because in a year when every other band is desperately trying to folk it up for Mumford & Sons-like success, it’s great to hear a group like Thorcraft Cobra that clearly likes making music that is trying to do more than simply sell a ton of downloads.

09c268c4ad8efb7980042eab9ea65d1eThorcraft Cobra – Count It In/14 tracks/Plaza Bowl/2013

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