Top 5 Considerations When Getting Dental Implants

If you are planning to get dental implants, then the first thing that you must do is consult your dentist. Of course, the decision to get dental implants is a good one. They are a better than dentures and will increase your confidence.

The surgery involved for installing dental implants is something that only a periodontist can do. First, you have to check the costs that getting the implants will involve, the surgery procedure and the after care and maintenance. Only then can you opt for the dental implants. Given below are the details involved in getting dental implants –

  1. Cost Involved – The best dental implant is made of porcelain and they are set inside your mouth using metal screws. They don’t fall off like dentures and therefore, are a better option. But they are much more expensive than dentures. 

And, in addition, if the gums do not heal after the surgery, then you will have to spend more to treat the gums and jaws and still remain without any replacement teeth. These are some of the cost considerations.

  1. Time Frame – Another point to remember is that the entire process of dental implant takes about 6 months. You will have to go for regular checkups during this period. The period of healing is very painful and you will find that your mouth is sensitive.
  1. Preparation For Surgery – After considering the cost factor and the healing period, you have to prepare yourself for the surgery. Your dentist will examine your teeth thoroughly and you will have to get X-rays. He will also make models of teeth and your mouth. You should not smoke or drink excessively before the surgery and stop eating and drinking at least 6 hours before the surgery.
  1. Caring For Dental Implants – After the surgery, you have to take care of the implants. Follow your dentist’s directions regarding the after care. Your teeth will be very sensitive in the initial days after the surgery. So, don’t brush them during this period. Use the mouth wash prescribed by your surgeon.

After the initial days, brush your implants regularly as you would with your teeth. Use the special brush meant for cleaning implants. Floss your implants regularly. Remember to schedule regular appointments with your dentist for X-rays and maintenance of the implants.

  1. Benefits of Dental Implants – Although dental implant surgery is painful, expensive and requires a lot of care and maintenance, the benefits are much more than dentures. They are the best replacement for natural teeth. You can chew and bite as you would with natural teeth. Also, after your gums and jaws heal completely, they feel totally natural. The speaking and eating problems are miniscule.

If you are planning to opt for dental implants, then you must approach the best dentist. You can get great dental implants in London area so that your implants remain in good and healthy condition. Opting for the best treatment will ensure good pre and post surgical care and it will also ensure that your healing process is not impeded.

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