Abita Fall Fest Beer Review


Abita Fall Fest is the latest seasonal from perhaps the best brewery in Louisiana; this is a lager that has a considerably larger and more bold flavor than similar efforts on the market. This is due to the inclusion of Hallertau and German Perle hops, which pushes the IBUs up to 20. The bold malt and hop attitude of the Fall Fest distinguishes it from the rest of Oktoberfest beers; a honey element is present enough to tie together the disparate elements.

The Abita Fall Fest works well as a palette cleanser for beef or lamb meals, but I feel that the slight bite that the beer has is more than enough to work well in chicken or fish dinners. The Fall Fest would do well in providing complex interplays with both sausage and cheeses; the 5.4% ABV places it a slight bit above most session beers but despite that, its allure is substantial enough to keep a bottle in an individual’s hand throughout the night.

The beer comes in 6 packs, so make sure to search out some at your earliest convenience. Most well-stocked beer stores and some package stores / gas stations (whichever one has as a beer depository in their state) will have these in stock. Keep an eye on the Abita website for more information regarding their late 2012 and early 2013 releases.

Rating: 8.7/10

Abita Fall Fest Beer Review / 5.4% ABV / http://www.abita.com / http://abita.com/brews/our_brews/fall-festfall_fest_group

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