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Very few in the way of films that are based off a video game work; there just are considerable plot points that are either missing or are too difficult to properly capture (Halo, Mass Effect). Company of Heroes is a title that is based on a trope that is equally popular in video games and films, ensuring that the title is considerably better than those set in sci-fi or historical settings.

For those that have not played Company of Heroes in the past, it is based during World War II; Company of Heroes’s film debut sets viewers alongside Tom Sizemore, Vinnie Jones and Neil McDonough as wave after wave of dangers and threats come up against them. The action never stops, ensuring that there is a momentum created by this film that few titles can muster. While the character development is not as deep or detailed as an intense psychological titles, viewers will get behind the plight of this troop.

While fans of the video game will be able t easily get into this title, I feel that anyone that likes war films or slightly different retellings of history (Harry Turtledove) will love the overall ambiance and feel of the film. The video transfer of Company of Heroes is easily comparable to a theatrical release, further inserting viewers into the midst of the action. A deleted scene adds to the context of the film, while there is a behind the scenes that showcases the difficulty in creating a title that is historically accurate. Make sure to pick up a copy of the Company of Heroes DVD if you like the storyline crafted for the video game or have war movies as a favorite genre. Available at any well-stocked online or physical store.

Rating: 8.0/10


Company of Heroes DVD Review / 2013 Sony / 110 Minutes /

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