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 don julio 1942

Don Julio 1942’s golden tinge is showcased masterfully through the design of the bottle, which does not adorn or otherwise obfuscate the nectar that is contained within. After cracking into the bottle, imbibers will be approached with a nose that soars on the presence of sugar and molasses and more complex sub-notes of caramel and chocolate. Don Julio is absolutely unique when it comes to tequilas, and this refreshing take on the spirit should more than make it worth its $100 to $110 price tag. The 2.5 years that the 1942 has been aged allows for a considerably different set of flavors to reveal themselves, while the length of time spent in bourbon barrels spins the spirit in a direction wholly separate from other expressions.

Don Julio 1942 is an eminently drinkable tequila, and possesses a much more nuanced nose and mouthfeel than the typical tequila. For the best possible experience, make sure to pour the Don Julio 1942 into a tequila snifter (can be purchased at many department stores). Make it neat or on the rocks – I would not suggest sullying this tequila with any sort of mixer or other adulterant.

Tell your local liquor store or spirit shop to make Don Julio 1942 available if they do not already have a display. This is simply the best tequila that we have reviewed in the last few years, and it showcases that even the biggest firms can have a hit beyond expectations. Pair this tequila with a good cigar and enjoy the company that you are (hopefully) sharing the Don Julio 1942 with. Don Julio has a considerable line of tequilas, so try them out and see which one best fits your sensibilities.

 Rating: 9.2/10

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