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Lay The Favorite is a 2012 film adaptation of a true story (novelized); the film stars Bruce Willis, Vince Vaughan, Joshua Jackson, Rebecca Hall and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Director Stephen Frears (The Grifters, Dangerous Liasons) helms this fast-paced comedy cum drama.

Lay The Favorite focuses on Dink (Willis) and Beth (Hall); Dink is able to pick up on the naiveté of Beth and involve eir in a scheme to rip off the casinos. The two are able to get one over on the casinos but are unable to get Tulip (Dink’s wife; Zeta-Jones) on board with their schemes. After a major blow up that has Beth move to New York, Beth rapidly gets into illicit activities. Lay The Favorite is a title that requires numerous viewings. I believe that there are bits and pieces that will reveal themselves in subsequent viewings. While this is a decidedly stylized depiction of gambling,

Lay The Favorite can be bought at any number of retail and online stores; make sure to pick up this film if you like the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas or Miami, or of titles like Clockers. The title has considerable replay value and would do best in any sort of party or chilling session. The video quality is easily equivalent to a theatre presentation and is present alongside an equally fitting audio track.

Rating: 7.6/10

Lay The Favorite DVD Review / 2013 Anchor Bay / 94 Minutes / http://www.anchorbayentertainment.comLay-the-Favorite-2012-Hollywood-Movie-Watch-Online1

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Author: James McQuiston

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One thought on “Lay The Favorite DVD Review”

  1. Now I’m not gonna break bad on Bruno for making disposable crap comedies in
    his old age…in fact I have no interest in this film other than the decision
    to cast Hugo Armstrong in a minor role. The reason I have a problem with this
    is that Hugo Armstrong is precisely the kind of individual who could rape a
    woman and get away with it by convincing everyone she was crazy. I know this
    because I’d be just like that girl…..but I refuse to let him get away with
    anything. He was my friend for years without revealing to me that he was
    involved with a malicious cult…or that he was doing things behind my back to
    destroy my life the entire time. On the set of a short film we made together
    called “BIKE THIEF.”..he threatened to have my neck broken and everyone
    in my family killed. The only point of
    “BIKE THIEF” was to subject to a program this cult practices on un
    suspecting individuals who are ALWAYS taken advantage of. I can either
    frustrate myself by being silent…or destroy my own reputation by challenging
    the intellectual curiosity of random strangers by spreading the truth whenever
    I see the bastards name. I don’t mind being called crazy…especially since
    I’ve had my facts in order since my trip to the emergency room in 2004…’s
    called covert harassment…and cults get away with it because people like Hugo
    Armstrong help them to convince outsiders that individuals such as myself are
    insane. I’ve been at this for a while
    and no one has come forward to even challenge me. there’s a reason for this.
    Don’t cast Hugo Armstrong in anything…unless you want to hear from his
    college roomate. That’d be me. I can’t be stopped because I’m telling the truth
    and my right to free speech is apparent. I have a silly name because I’m a rock
    artist. The “e” in my name is short….so it isn’t
    “zeke”…I really hate that in fact…It’s ZEK…ZEK LIGHTNING. Thank

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