Mayo Clinic Diet DVD Review


The Mayo Clinic Diet has been associated with considerable weight loss, along with a greater percentage of those initially starting the program maintaining that weight loss. The instructions that are provided during this DVD are simplistic enough that even those individuals whom have never taken on a diet regiment before will be able to stick with what is presented here. I believe that where the Mayo Clinic Diet DVD successes is that is provide intricate details about where other diets fail.

The DVD also showcases that diets that are too good to be true are likely just that. No one has been able to lose and keep off weight without dedicating themselves to changing their diet and level of activity. What the Mayo Clinic Diet DVD says about dieting is simple. Reduce the amount of bad foods eaten, reconceptualize what it means to eat to satiety instead of finishing every bite, and find a small chunk of time every other day (or so) to become physically active. The interspersing of average individuals (not doctors nor dieticians) in the Mayo Clinic Diet is a further plus for this film. This showcases that those that may not be models, doctors, or professional athletes can still take the necessary steps to make their overall health greater and be able to reach a ripe old age without having to resort to a Rascal or bariatric aids.

Purchase the Mayo Clinic Diet DVD at any reputable online retailer.  The DVD is released today (March 5th) and possesses a very high overall replay value. I would like to see subsequent Mayo Clinic diet DVDs just to further inform those interested in a diet and debunk some of those diets that are too good to be true.

Rating: 9.0/10

Mayo Clinic Diet DVD Review / 2013 PBS / http://www.shoppbs.com841887018227_p0_v1_s260x420

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