Steinway Repairing

Steinway Piano Restoration should only be done by those individuals and companies that know what they are doing. In the wrong hands, there is no limit to the damage that someone can do in the restoration of a Steinway. There has to be the knowledge present to take the utmost care and utilize the materials that will last just as long as the rest of the piano. Furthermore, the materials must match and fit properly the piano that is being fixed up. There are a few companies that have been tasked with fixing up old Steinways, and I would strongly behoove you to check out their reliability.

Make sure that you tell the individual or company precisely what you would like to have done with your piano. There are companies that will fix everything, and some that only know how to work on the wood, but not the inner mechanics of the piano. See exactly how long of a warranty that the company will provide for their workmanship. After you see what they are capable of doing, see what the schedule for the fix will be. I know that the company will take a decent amount of time, but you would like to see your piano back in short order. Make sure to check exactly how much that they will charge for the fix too; there is a wide variety of prices that a company can charge for this service.

Tell us what you think about the different piano restorers in your area. I feel that by establishing a pecking order of the companies that are offering these types of services, one could easily check up on who is good (and who may not be), and what the range of costs would be for a wide variety of different fixes and repairs.

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