Sterling Witt Sterling Loves U CD Review


Perfect Girl is the introductory track to Sterling Loves U, providing listeners with a catchy bit of alt-rock in the vein of Cake, Weezer, and They Might Be Giants. The chaotic energy that the track thrives on separates this introduction from other similar efforts. With a full head of steam, Witt is able to enjoy additional success with Help Yourself. This track builds thematically on the introduction while bouncing between a punky meets grunge sound and a calmer, more introspective sound. I find that the inclusion of two versions of You’re The One in sequential order is a bold decision. Where many artists construe minor changes to a track enough to show off, the two versions of You’re The One are substantially different. Despite these differences, this duet contains a large amount of synergy and keeps spirits high during the middle of the disc.

You Are My Sunshine may only be about 80 seconds, but the amount of spirit and soul that Witt places into this track is unparalleled. This brief deviation from the rest of Sterling Loves U’s fare ensures that listeners can appreciate Witt’s unparalleled guitar work while enjoying this twist on a classic. Let Me Down is a late-album track that will keep fans locked in; the more fuzzy, jangly approach taken showcases a Husker Du and Replacements influence. Witt’s desire to continually innovate makes the disc’s final cuts as strong as those beginning the album.

I would strongly urge fans of Witt’s music to keep focused on his star; I feel that the work presented on Sterling Loves U is absolutely stellar. Check out Witt’s website for samples of Sterling Loves U, tour dates, and Witt’s creative output in other art forms.

Top Tracks: Perfect Girl, You Are My Sunshine

Rating: 8.5/10985821_1767973

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