The Intouchables DVD Review


 This 2011 French-language film was a huge success in Europe, and I believe that the film’s plot will speak to American audiences in the same way. The duo – Francois Cluzet (Philippe) and Omar Sy (Driss) – has tremendous chemistry together. Driss is on unemployment and comes into Philippe’s life merely to get job search papers signed. By putting a wager of one week of service on the line, Philippe is able to have eir life shaken up in the same way as Driss. Both have some form of disability – whether it being physical or drive-based – but by the end of The Intouchables, both are made into better characters.

 Sony has acquired the rights to the film, and has provided the proper sheen to the title. This means that the video quality is without fault and the subtitles accurately and more than adequately capture the human spirit and camaraderie present between the film’s two main players. I feel that there is a greater potential for this film to showcase the “new” France, and how each population can equally contribute to the overall tenor of the country. As France is struggling with an immigration problem comparable than that experienced in the United States, American viewers would do well to adopt the message provided during The Intouchables. Everyone has a place in the current world, and a better, stronger mind and body can come forth from these friendships. 

The film is a testament to the human spirit, and showcases the absolute importance of finding someone that will make one better. The Intouchables can be purchased at any well-stocked physical stores or at any reputable online retailer. 

Rating: 9.2/10

The Intouchables DVD Review / 2013 Sony / 112 Minutes /

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