Top 3 Irritating and Challenging Situations Weight Watchers Often Face

Of all the weight loss mysteries you’ve heard, dieters almost always have some more of their own stories to add onto the list. If your weight loss battle has started to feel like fighting for a lost cause lately, you might have been stuck with any of the common and seemingly-senseless problems that are discussed below:

#1 “I weigh before I go to sleep. And then I weigh again in the morning to see that I’ve lost more than one pound. What’s up with that?”

To start with, don’t weigh yourself so often. Do it just once a week and you’ll be fine. Try doing it naked though, after you’ve done your bathroom business in the morning. About the discrepancy in the day/night weight, blame it on the water.

Your body detoxifies when you’re resting, filtering blood in your kidneys and liver. This is the reason why you need to rush to the bathroom, first thing when you wake up. Water amounting to almost one liter can be equivalent to the weight of almost 2.2 pounds, and you can easily pee it all out at once, in the morning.  Sometimes lost ounces can also be because of nighttime perspiration. So the logic suggests that you’re actually losing 1-2 pounds of fluids and not fat, which is usually easily replaceable when you’ll consume more beverages during the day.

#2 “Is my menstrual cycle derailing my weight loss efforts? Or, is it only the cop out?”

If your bleeding is not normal in any way, be it heavier period or simple spotting between the periods,you know that your hormones are not in line and might be the reason why you’re unable to lose weight despite your best efforts. Bloating is also not unheard of, in such cases. Instability in your progesterone and estrogen can make you retain water, escalating the scale up to 3 to 4 pounds, for you. It wouldn’t also be wrong to bring on your PMS cravings in the blame game.

Serotonin, the believed-to-be “feel good” hormone, produced by the brain can help you deal with this issue. Consume more carbohydrates can certainly increase the production of this hormone. This is why it seems difficult for you to resist that chocolate bar. But if you have to eat it, at least go for the dark variety that keeps your heart-health intact.

On the other hand, there are always calorie-free ways to opt for, that can boost your serotonin levels. You can do stuff that helps you relax and feel better. Like, you can take a long bath, or go for a walk in the woods, read a good book, spend some time with a friend, write your journal, daydream, or anything else really!

#3 “I’m not losing weight anymore when I’m still working out and eating right. What the hell did I do wrong?”

Weight loss plans usually recommend that you lose 2-3 pounds every week. But the unfortunate truth that most of us fail to realize is that losing weight isn’t always a steady downward scale. There will be occasional spikes and dips, and inevitably a lot of plateaus to deal with.

So if sometimes you’re doing everything right and still your weighing scale fail to drop any further, know that you’re not alone and that there’s nowhere you’re going wrong. The important thing is to not lose hope at this time and persevere to get past this stage. The body will lose weight eventually when it’s ready.

Just make sure that you’re still building muscles with exercising and eating right. It might not be sooner sometimes, but eventually you will reap the results of your patience and perseverance.

Although these are just the three of the weight loss problems, there are a lot of challenges that dieters face in their weight loss journey. Important thing is — you shouldn’t let these small hiccups deter you from your goal.

Reducing efforts from your weight loss journey can also help you keep on track without making it seem like too much work. Like, instead of cooking everything at home, you can opt for healthy food delivery services that especially prepare meals by keeping the needs of dieters in mind. You can try this Bistro MD coupon code for 2013 or exclusive Diet to Go discount codes to save huge bucks.

Another important thing to understand is — you don’t have to be too hard on yourself, if you screw up sometimes. It’s human to make errors. Don’t just take that instance as an excuse to say that you cannot do it anymore and start eating your way to glory.

Imagine how great it be to fit into those jeans that you so loved wearing 2 years back. And to have that perfectly toned beach body that you always wanted to have. Keep yourself motivated, confident, and find a weight loss buddy if you can. Don’t ever give up. That’s not the attitude of the winners!

Marcia Calleiro is a vegan and a successful weight watcher. In her free time, she likes square-foot gardening, playing games on her Xbox, and spending time with her family. Calleiro usually orders from any healthy meal delivery as they serve fresh, tasty and nutritious food. She combines this with her fitness program for overall fitness. She is single and lives in serene, Michigan, USA. She is currently a contributor to, an online lifestyle magazine.

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