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Undersea Edens is a look into one of the ill-explored parts of the Earth, providing viewers with what occurs at levels below that where most swim. Taking full advantage of spots off of Australia, New Zealand, and South Georgia Island, the Smithsonian Channel showcases the incredible biodiversity that is present in one biome. I feel that the Smithsonian Channel has provided additional worth in this release as it is considerably longer (156 minutes) than typical documentaries (60 minutes) would run.

Undersea Edens has an incredible visual quality that allows viewers to place themselves in the scuba suits of the filmers; all points of the food chain in these titular edens are given proper time to shine. Viewers will be informed about the specific types of creatures that exist; viewers are not left in the dark here.

I hope that Undersea Edens is just one of many efforts; it would be great to see a continual microscope shone on the areas that would normally not get any sort of coverage. Much of the lack of concern seen in regards to the environment is created through a lack of knowledge about what is actually in our oceans. By destroying misconceptions and showcasing exactly how much lives in these areas, then the future generations inhabiting the earth will hopefully be more considerate of other species and their right to live on the earth. Check out the Smithsonian Channel’s website for more information about the programs that they show as well as the new shows that will be aired through the entirety of 2013.

Rating: 8.4/10

Undersea Edens DVD Review / 2013 Smithsonian Channel / 156 Minutes / http://www.smithsonian.com

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