The Northeast North American co-headlining tour between Southern California factions XIBALBA and NAILS begins tonight at the Chicago-based The Rumble joining The Killer, Twitching Tongues and more at the first of the two-day hardcore gathering. The next eight days will see the trio pummeling Cleveland, Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal, Albany, Boston, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, with support from cohorts Early Graves on all shows, the tour sponsored by Invisible Oranges.


The demoralizing second LP from American tyrants NAILS, Abandon All Life, was released last month on Southern Lord. Recorded at Godcity with Kurt Ballou (Converge) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise), Abandon All Life is already a notorious front-runner for most crushing release of 2013, with NAILS’ hardcore/grind approach infiltrated with more unhinged death metal ferocity than ever before, it’s seventeen-minute lifespan packing more destruction than many bands’ entire catalogs.


Southern California hardcore warriors XIBABLA released their second LP Hasta La Muerte via Southern Lord in August. Recorded by Taylor Young (Nails) the relentless album takes the band’s down-tuned breakdown assault to iniquitous new dimensions; their breakdowns hitting with the power of tsunamis and their riffs like mires of quicksand, infusing some of the most doom-ridden tones one will experience within the hardcore genre.


Stream all of NAILS’ Abandon All Life AT THIS LOCATION and stream XIBALBA’s Hasta La Muerte RIGHT HERE.


NAILS / XIBALBA Spring Tour w/ Early Graves:


5/01/2013 Bogies – Albany, NY

5/02/2013 Great Scott – Boston, MA

5/03/2013 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

5/04/2013 O’Reillys – Philadelphia, PA

DEATH ENGINE joins Throatruiner Records, 1st song unveiled

Lorient, France’s DEATH ENGINE deliver violent and obscure noise in the vein of Playing Enemy, Swans or Amenra. Recorded in a live setting and mixed by producer/engineer Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle (Birds In Row, As We Draw, Direwolves…) then mastered by Sylvain Biguet, their debut EP “Amen” features four tracks of thunderous riffs, cutthroat vocals and hypnotic drumming, like cathedrals collapsing in slow-motion. “Amen” will be released on 10″ vinyl mid-June by Throatruiner Records, North Cult Records and Basement Apes Industries, artwork by Hugues Pzzl.

“Gun”, the premiere track off “Amen”, can be streamed at this location :


Stonegard Arrows CD Review

It has been a while since I’ve heard anything that so successfully blends stoner rock with an absolutely brutal metal style. This is exactly what Stonegard does when they open up their “Arrows”, and the step-ladder approach to their guitars during the formative period of the disc will engage listeners for the entirety of tracks like “Hunter”. Much like a harder Monster Magnet or a more brutal Fireball Ministry, Stonegard hits listeners with a very friendly type of metal that will not alert listeners even as their insiders are liquefied. Another strength to Stonegard has to be their ability to allow all parts of their band to contribute different parts of their tracks. Thus, a song like “Resistance” can come up as a very Audioslave like sound, with the slinky bass of the track attempting to drag it to a “God That Failed”-era Metallica sound.

During “The White Shaded Lie”, Stonegard show their ability in creating a compelling and full track that can even approach the six minute mark without tiring listeners in the slightest. While most of the songs on “Arrows” approach music a certain way, a track like “Triggerfinger” shows that Stonegard is a band in the current period. This act could rip and shred alongside Godsmack while still getting the sales of that act; Stonegard is intense, to say the least. The guitar lines that are increasing and decreasing during “Darkest Hour” are like when someone runs their fingernails down your back; there are chills aplenty to be had.

The only complaint that one could create against Stonegard’s work on “Arrows” is that the album is much too short. The ten songs on the disc barely crap the thirty-five minute mark, and by the time that “Darkest Hour” finishes up, individuals are already ready for another dose of Stonegard. However, this is far from the band’s fault, and “Arrows” provides a perfect introduction to one of the more impressive, newer metal acts out on the market. There is little doubt that Stonegard can break it big, and that the music created by the band will be on the radio for long after the band crumbles to dust. The music is fun, it is intricate, and it is what individuals will be listening to for a long time. I hope to hear more from Stonegard in the future; there is nothing else besides create music that they have to do for this next album.

Top Tracks: Darkest Hour, Hunter

Rating: 7.1/10


Stonegard – Arrows / Candlelight / 10 Tracks / / /


Defiant and ambitious, Bedfordshire five-piece Gold Skies Ahead have established themselves as a refreshingly dynamic force in a currently stale musical climate.

Having released their debut EP in 2012 to critical acclaim, the next chapter for the band is imminent with the release of their sophomore EP ‘Bremerton’ on the 15th July. Produced by pop-punk legend Mike Herrera of MxPx in Seattle, USA andmixed/ mastered by former SikTh vocalist Justin Hill (Young Guns, Rise to Remain, Yashin) the EP showcases the bands strongest material to date.

Defiant and ambitious, Bedfordshire five-piece Gold Skies Ahead have established themselves as a refreshingly dynamic force in a currently stale musical climate. Fronted by brothers Jimmy and Kenzi and completed by friends Joe, Jack and Jonny, the band has gained a rapidly expanding fan base thanks to their atypical brand of pop-punk.

Having released their debut EP in 2012 to critical acclaim, the next chapter for the band is imminent with the release of their sophomore EP ‘Bremerton’ on the 15th July. Produced by pop-punk legend Mike Herrera of MxPx in Seattle, USA andmixed/ mastered by former SikTh vocalist Justin Hill (Young Guns, Rise to Remain, Yashin) the EP showcases the bands strongest material to date.

Having worked with industry big-hitters like Hill and Herrera at such an early stage in the band’s career, as well as touring extensively across the UK sharing the stage with the likes of Don Broco, Glamour of the Kill, Yashin and The Smoking Hearts, demonstrates the bands ambition and determination and is only a hint of what is to come!

Tracklisting:1. It’s Always Rainy In Seattle  2. All This Way  3. Ghosts  4. Crying  5. This Time I mean It

Upcoming shows:
29/04/13 – The Garage, London
10/05/13 – Regents, Barnsley
18/05/13 – Fern and Fallow, Cannock
12/07/13 – Esquires, Bedford (EP launch party)
04/08/13 – Khaos Festival, Rotherham (Headlining the ‘PROPS’ stage – 2nd stage)

The band will also be announcing a July UK tour shortly.

Witness: A World in Conflict Through A Lens DVD Review

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Witness: A World in Conflict Through A Lens focuses on four distinct locations – Juarez, Libya, South Sudan, and Rio. Michael Mann (Thief, The Aviator, and Texas Killing Fields) focuses on the plights captured by combat photographers. Merely existing in these war-zones is a difficult enough tasks, but being the individual that captures these hells is something completely different. What results in Witness is a tremendously personal film that utilizes some of the most deadly locales as a backdrop. The shocking reality on the ground in these areas can only be communicated by those connected to a news bureau, meaning that combat photographers are an integral source to the dissemination of news and discussion of the horrors that exist.

I feel that the time that is spent on the photographers in South Sudan is perhaps the most interesting piece of Witness. South Sudan is the newest country acknowledged by national governments (it received independence from Sudan in July, 2011) and has existed in a form of chaos since its founding. As a result, few reporters exist in this country, and U.S. coverage of South Sudan’s news and growing pains has been lacking as a result. However, the Mexico footage is still very useful in filling in viewers’ lack of knowledge about the country. Mexico’s battling with the drug cartels has been given considerable coverage in U.S. newspapers, but Frankham (director) and Mann are able to glean precious information from the combat photographers on the ground.

While the four documentaries each have their unique styling and overall feel, Witness does well in connecting the disparate areas covered here. Witness can be purchased at any well-stocked video store or online retailers that focuses on videos.

Rating: 7.6/10

Witness: A World in Conflict Through A Lens DVD Review / 2013 HBO / 187 Minutes /


Hard rock fans are salivating for Eleven Seven Music’s “The Connection” tour. This tour joins platinum-selling veterans Papa Roach with Escape the Fate and Otherwise. Having kicked off earlier this month in Orlando, FL, this tour will conclude in Pryor, OK, on May 24th.

, the world’s foremost manufacturer of hi-fi and home theater component systems has joined forces with Eleven Seven Music on this tour to create a unique listening experience for concert attendees. If you go to the merch table before or after each show, you can listen to Escape the Fate‘s upcoming album Ungrateful, on a pair of Onkyo‘s brand new ES-FC300 headphones.

Onkyo FC300 headphones

Onkyo is a trailblazing force in the home entertainment industry, anticipating market trends with intelligent, user-focused products. The ES-FC300 marks Onkyo‘s introduction to the world of headphones, joining a stable of acclaimed audio and A/V components. The ES-FC300s (along with the ES-HF300 model) will introduce more music lovers to the iconic Onkyo sound.

Tour headliners Papa Roach recently released their sixth studio album, The Connection. Revolver declared the album, “a fist-pumping return to form…” Papa Roach has sold upwards of 10 million albums worldwide.  Known for their electrifying and explosive live shows, Papa Roach has become the common denominator for some of the most successful rock tours in recent years.

Escape The Fate is set to release their fourth studio album, Ungrateful, May 14th. It is poised to be one of the great standout rock albums of 2013. Ungrateful features an exciting blend of soaring choruses, lyrical intensity and classic elements of alternative rock for which the band has come to be known.


Rounding out the bill are hard rockers Otherwise, who will be touring in support of their Century Media debut album, True Love Never Dies. Released last year, the album features the breakout single, “Soldiers,” which has sold over 100,000 units.




1         Baltimore, MD                         Ram’s Head

8          South Bend, IN                       Club Fever

14        Joliet, IL                                   Mojoes

15        Libertyville, IL                          Austin’s

19        Traverse City, MI                    Ground Zero

21        Rochester, MN                       Civic Auditorium

22        Fargo, ND                               The Venue



ONKYO USA: Main Site | Facebook

Jake Stigers No Vacancy CD Review

The interesting thing about Stigers’ opening track on “No Vacancy” is that is sounds as if ey will break into a much harder chorus than what ultimately comes to bear during “Ruide With You”. In fact, what results in the chorus of “Ride With You” is something that closely parallels early Sammy Hagar or ZZ Top. The track still is fun to listen to, and could easily be on any classic rock station, but from the beginning of the disc, Stigers is challenging individual listeners’ assumptions.
The track bounces back and forth between this earlier style of rock and something much more calm and collected to make the track into a force that can impress all who listen in. The one thing that will be heard from the get go is that Stigers’ guitarist on “No Vacancy” is perhaps the most audible part of eir backing band. Nunzio Signore makes a number of these tracks, even when one is considering that Stigers’ vocals are front and center on each of the disc’s seven tracks. Stigers gambles with “She’s A Woman”, in that the song is so much slower than the tempo created by the prior tracks would normally allow. The intricacy of the track, coupled with its easily repeatable lyrics, will bring individuals in droves to Stigers’ side, regardless of whether they liked “Ride With You” or “End of the World”.

The EP goes by quickly, with the seven tracks barely breaking over the twenty two minute mark. However, regardless of how familiar individuals are with Stigers, people that listen to the entirety of “No Vacancy” will be tuned in to all the nuances of Stigers. The tempo picks back up for “Tomorrow Never Comes”, but Stigers goes off in a much more deliberative, Fuel meets Foo Fighters type of jaunt for the time being. These continual shifts in the style and approaches to music that Stiger creates is a nice burst of fresh air in a time where acts attempt to ape each other without anything in the way of differentiation between them. Even going into country rock for “Riding With The King”, Stigers has no bounds. Here’s to hoping that Stigers can cut a full length here soon, as the very friendly type of radio rock that ey assaults fans with will pass the test of time.

Top Track: Tomorrow Never Comes

Rating: 6.3/10

Jake Stigers No Vacancy CD Review

Jake Stigers – No Vacancy /  Self / 7 Tracks / /

Master Musicians Of Bukkake disclose the secrets behind their new album, Far West

Master Musicians of Bukkake recently unveiled details of their new full-length entitled Far West which is due for release 10 June through Important Records. Today we dig deeper and reveal the context and hint at the sounds and influences of this wonderous new record.
“Go west, young man.” –Horace Greeley
On Far West the Master Musicians of Bukkake mark a turn from their Totem Trilogy. If the Totems were an expression of yang energy, then the Far West cycle is the yin that took seed within the trilogy.
What happens when you travel so far east looking for enlightenment that you pass your destination and are headed west again? The mania of being lost in the mountains of the Cascade Corridor, searching aimlessly for the Northern Pacific coast. A spiritual Donner party of sorts, feeding off fantasy and mirages and imaginary shamans. Far West is the soundtrack to this expedition to the caves of light we all travel into with hopes of acquiring redemption, only to realise our bodies have dissolved—gone like rain from the sky, snow from the ground, thoughts from the mind.

The sound of Far West is a progressive folk record inspired by Paul Giovanni’s Wicker Man soundtrack, early Canterbury prog folk, the suspenseful soundtracks of Goblin and Ennio Morricone, Gerry Goldsmith’s interwoven dark orchestrations, and Pacific Northwest folk rock. The Master Musicians of Bukkake take an earthly and shamanistic approach to these influences and infuse it with Krautrock pulses interweaved with acoustic guitars, intricately layered rhythms, hazed-out modular analog synths, brassy stabs, and cultish choirs. A true psychedelic, audiophile experience to dissolve your body in.

Far West also features backing vocals by Sub Pop! recording artists Rose Windows, a deluxe cover illustration by Simon Fowler (see below) and the amazing photography of Alison Scarpulla.

Master Musicians of Bukkake is:
David Abramson: percussion, drums, tef, shaman shakers, green fog
B.R.A.D: percussion, vocals, candles, sights unseen
Don McGreevy: percussion, drums, 12 string electric and acoustic guitar, mellotron, bass, brass arrangements
Randall Dunn: korg analog synths, mellotron, divining rod, water seeking foolishness
Milky: electric and acoustic guitar, synths, vocals, mossy fuzz
Timm Mason: electric guitar, serge modular synth, electric bass, insects
1. ‘White Mountain Return’
2. ‘γη-νομος : GNOMI’
3. ‘Arche’
4. ‘Cave Of Light – The Prima Materia’
5. ‘You Are A Dream Like Your Dreamer – The Dark Peace’
6. ‘Circular Ruins’
Note: lyrics and music for “Circular Ruins” based on The Jorge Louis Borges story of the same title:
15-05-2013 – Zeche Carl – Essen, Germany
 16-05-2013 – Stpln – Malmo, Sweden
 17-05-2013 – Truckstop Alaska – Gothenburg, Sweden
 18-05-2013 – Bla – Oslo, Norway
 19-05-2013 – Kagelbanan – Stockholm, Sweden
 20-05-2013 – Loppen – Copenhagen, Denmark
 21-05-2013 – Kantine am Berghain – Berlin, Germany
 22-05-2013 – Ut Connewitz – Leipzig, Germany
  23-05-2013 – OCCII – Amsterdam, Netherlands
 24-05-2013 – VK – Brussels, Belgium
 25-05-2013 – Villette Sonique – Paris, France w/ Neurosis, Swans
31-05-2013 – Stereolux – Nantes, France
 01-06-2013 – Trix – Antwerp, Belgium w/ Wolf People, Alvarius B, …
02-06-2013 – Jubez – Karlsruhe, Germany
 04-06-2013 – L’Usine – Geneva, Switzerland
Sample sounds from Far West via this direct link:

Pow-Wow Botanical Rye Whiskey Review


Pow-Wow Botanical Rye Whiskey has one of the most eclectic sets of flavors that we have ever experienced in whiskey. The rye whiskey format always has more nuance than a comparable barley or corn whiskey. The inclusion of botanicals (including Orange Peel and Saffron) to Pow-Wow ensures that no two tastes will be exactly the same.  While we had sips that were more fruit-lead, others yielded something much more sweet and honey-laden. The delightful burn of Pow-Wow’s 90 proof will keep imbibers warm through the cold nights of the spring.

Make sure to pour Pow-Wow on the rocks for a wholly different experience than that provided in a neat pour. The interaction of whiskey with the water created from the ice cube allows more of the whole botanicals to shine; the moderation of the whiskey burn provides a much more cerebral experience. Inclusion of the Pow-Wow in a mixed drink format sends something like a highball or a Mint Julep into an entirely different realm. Of the three formats, I feel that the simple sip is the most sublime. Inclusion of any additional element (ice, mixer, or other spirit) just puts the focus away from the Pow-Wow. Pow-Wow is a stellar whiskey and deserves a solo spotlight.

At around $40 a bottle, Pow-Wow represents a considerable value for any whiskey connoisseur. As the Pow-Wow experience is miles away from that provided by a run-of-the-mill whiskey, anyone that likes the stuff in any fashion should search out a bottle. Give the Georgetown Trading website a spin for more information about their product line, and let us know at NeuFutur about your experiences with Pow-Wow.

Rating: 8.8/10

Pow-Wow Botanical Rye Whiskey Review / 90 Proof/ /

Debut of “No Borders” by The Spinney Brothers

WAMU’s Bluegrass Country will feature an Official Debut of No Borders, the brand new CD from The Spinney Brothers on Mountain Fever Records, on Tuesday, April 30th. The band will be in studio with radio programmer Lee Michael Demsey who will not only play a few tracks from the CD, but will also have The Spinney Brothers perform some of their new songs live, all beginning at 11:00am ET.


Comprised of Allan SpinneyRick SpinneyGary Dalrymple, and Adam Pye, The Spinney Brothers are originally from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and debuted in 1992, showcasing a tight brother duet vocal style that was immediately recognized for its energetic and distinctive sound. The cornerstone of their musical identity is their thorough understanding of traditional, southern-flavored bluegrass music. The first generation bluegrass legends have been an important musical influence, yet the Brother’s music is equally shaped by their personal lives and rural heritage. By incorporating original material, which draws from various sources, the Spinney Brothers effortlessly intertwine the past with the present. Their debut CD on Mountain Fever Records, Memories, garnered a #1 spot on the National Bluegrass Music Survey in February 2013 with the title cut and continues to stay at the top of the charts even after being released over a year ago. The band is featured on the April cover of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine and has a very active touring schedule in support of the international release of No Borders, due for release May 7th.


Music enthusiasts may listen to The Spinney Brothers on WAMU’s Bluegrass Country with Lee Michael Demsey worldwide on, locally within the DC area via 105.5 FM in Washington, DC, on 93.5 FM in Frederick and Hagerstown, MD or through the station’s iPhone application. The show will air on Tuesday, April 30th at 11:00am ET.


For more information on The Spinney Brothers including tour dates and news, please visit or