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There are a number of distinct companies that offer beats for sale. However, the quality of the beats that are provided can differ substantially. This means that the beat could conceivably be used for a number of songs, if you do not check the company out and who recommends them. is the first company that we have experiences that can provide beats with a rapid turnaround and without the same sort of rigmarole that limits other companies in this game. The beats that this company produces are fresh and tailored for the musician in question. This means that what the company will create for a dubstep or trap artist will be miles apart from a pop or rap artist. The company does more than merely create beats – they are able to assist with all sorts of music production. This means that an individual can create a track from beginning to end, and have a style to the effort that is much more cohesive than would normally be present. With the sheer amount of artist that are trying to make a name for themselves, it is extremely important to have the beat makers at the top of their games as well. I would strongly suggest that you check out Five Star Beats if you are a band or act that could stand to have a beat made or a CD, EP, or other effort produced. The rates for their services are eminently cheap, and will not bankrupt even the most transient of acts. If you are not actively in the market for one of their beats, make sure to keep this website bookmarked should a friend or family member require their services.
I love the way that Five Star Beats has oriented their website. This means that individuals can easily find the information about beat-making and promotion that they would require with only a modicum of effort. The bright and clean design of the Five Star Beats websites ensures that even those individuals that are not too familiar with the internet can get a quote or find out more information about the company. The company knows well what they are doing; see how exactly they can help you out with your up and coming career. With links to the biggest record companies and television shows, they can get you places.

What I think is the best part of Five Star Beats is the fact that they offer cheap or discounted ways to get beats created. On a regular basis, they have contests that anyone can enter for straight cash prizes. Make sure to give their website a long look; they also provide a “career boost” to those that are looking to make something for themselves and could stand to have additional assistance. For those NeuFutur readers that have used Five Star Beats, what do you think about the beats that they make and the additional services that they provide? How do their rates compare to the other production companies that you have check out?

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