Phi-Brain Puzzle of God Season One Collection 1: Episodes 1-13 DVD Set


Phi-Brain Puzzle of God is an current NHK anime; season one aired between October, 2011 and April, 2012. The show surrounds Kaito Daimon, a teenager that has been imbued with the ability to solve a wide array of puzzles. Kaito is provided with ample challenges with POG, an organization that is looking to find an individual talented enough to solve the Puzzle of God. Phi-Brain Puzzle of God comes forth as a title that riffs on Ender’s Game; an individual is situated alongside a few like-minded friends while dangerous assignments are provided by a powerful organization. The show is considerably more action-filled than a show about puzzle-solving has any right to be, and avoids much of the interspersing of violence and humor that make other anime titles unrealistic.

The Sentai release of the shows’ initial 13 episodes provides English subtitles and a sharp and clear transfer from the original airing of the show. Sentai’s casting of the cast for the English dub is sharp, placing David Wald (Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess, Air Gear) as Kaito, John Gremillion as Bishop (Area 88, Black Butler, Fullmetal Alchemist), and Luci Christian (Yoshi’s Story, Flip Flop Shop) as Nonoha.b The episodes on the initial Phi-Brain Puzzle of God DVD set do a great job in setting up the characters and their motivations. The variety of sets and overall expansiveness of the plot will have viewers putting in marathon sessions to complete the episodes on this DVD set.

The conclusion of season one will be released by Sentai on May 28th. Phi-Brain Puzzle of God Season One,

Episodes 1-13 can be purchased at a variety of online retailers.

Rating: 9.6/10ItemDescription


Phi-Brain Puzzle of God Season One Collection 1: Episodes 1-13 DVD Set / 2013 Sentai / 325 Minutes /

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