Pow-Wow Botanical Rye Whiskey Review


Pow-Wow Botanical Rye Whiskey has one of the most eclectic sets of flavors that we have ever experienced in whiskey. The rye whiskey format always has more nuance than a comparable barley or corn whiskey. The inclusion of botanicals (including Orange Peel and Saffron) to Pow-Wow ensures that no two tastes will be exactly the same.  While we had sips that were more fruit-lead, others yielded something much more sweet and honey-laden. The delightful burn of Pow-Wow’s 90 proof will keep imbibers warm through the cold nights of the spring.

Make sure to pour Pow-Wow on the rocks for a wholly different experience than that provided in a neat pour. The interaction of whiskey with the water created from the ice cube allows more of the whole botanicals to shine; the moderation of the whiskey burn provides a much more cerebral experience. Inclusion of the Pow-Wow in a mixed drink format sends something like a highball or a Mint Julep into an entirely different realm. Of the three formats, I feel that the simple sip is the most sublime. Inclusion of any additional element (ice, mixer, or other spirit) just puts the focus away from the Pow-Wow. Pow-Wow is a stellar whiskey and deserves a solo spotlight.

At around $40 a bottle, Pow-Wow represents a considerable value for any whiskey connoisseur. As the Pow-Wow experience is miles away from that provided by a run-of-the-mill whiskey, anyone that likes the stuff in any fashion should search out a bottle. Give the Georgetown Trading website a spin for more information about their product line, and let us know at NeuFutur about your experiences with Pow-Wow.

Rating: 8.8/10

Pow-Wow Botanical Rye Whiskey Review / 90 Proof/ http://www.botanicalrye.com / http://georgetowntrading.com/

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