The Fleeting Ends Our Eyes Are Peeled CD Review


For their second full length, Philly power pop band The Fleeting Ends seems to have dug deep into the crate of vinyl for inspiration pulling out everything from XTC and The Features to Cheap Trick and Material Issue – never a bad combo. The result, Our Eyes Are Peeled, is quite impressive.

Songs like the strings-laced “Operator” and the slow-build goodness of “Poor Gloria” highlight a band that’s found its sound and hitting a stride. There are a few low points here and there, but too inconsequential to dwell on as the bulk of the songs far outweigh any momentary missteps.

When it seems every band nowadays is grabbing a banjo player and a pair of vintage boots and vests in an attempt to try and recreate a little Mumford & Sons magic, it’s pretty refreshing to hear a group like The Fleeting Ends, quietly doing their own thing and doing it far better than most.

Top tracks: “Operator,” “Poor Gloria” and “I Feel Cursed”

The Fleeting Ends – Our Eyes Are Peeled/11 tracks/Self-released/2013
UnknownThe Fleeting Ends – Our Eyes Are Peeled (CD)

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