Thrustmaster Y-250C Headset Review


This is a versatile headset that will be a perfect fit for a wide array of users. While these would fit perfectly in high-level competitive gaming, the headset will work on handheld consoles (DS/PSP) and cellular phones (iPhone). The Y-250C headset is one of the few that fits well enough to accompany glasses; every other pair of headphones / headsets that I have utilized have become painful with extended sessions. The Y-250’s soft ear pads and padded headband make marathon gaming sessions fun again after years of sore/raw ears and heads; there is a ruggedness present with this padding that ensures that they will be able to stand up to substantial usage.

The Y-250C has impressive speakers, ensuring that every command and utterance (along with atmospheric game noises) will be understood with impressive crispness. The 50mm drivers that are utilized in the Y-250C are tuned taut as a drum through the on-board frequency response curve technology.  Options can be changed while in-game with the included control, ensuring that players will not need to drop a group or have to fall back on an earlier save due to having to alt-tab out.

For those that wish to purchase this versatile headset, well-stocked online retailers (eBay) have the Thrustmaster Y-250C at an utterly approachable price. Visit the Thrustmaster website for more information about their current and upcoming product. The Y-250C will be the last headset that an individual will need. Solid build quality coupled with customizable features will make any free-form or competitive gaming incredibly immersive.

Rating: 9.0/10

Thrustmaster Y-250C Headset / http://www.thrustmaster.comimages (1)

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