Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Review


This clear rum does for rum what Cabo Wabo did for tequila. There is a crispness that goes nicely with a sugary, toasted flavor. Fruit notes, linking together banana, coconut, and even guava, provide greater nuance to each mixed drink and shot.  Where rank and file rum simply works better in mixed drinks, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum is a perfect sipping spirit for the days by the pool. When placing the Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum into a mixed drink, one will be provided with a bold and delectable drink. We were pleasantly surprised when we made Lava Flows (Beach Bar Rum, coconut rum, strawberries, banana, pineapple juice and coconut cream); there was a slight spicy feel that permeated throughout each sip.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum is able to shine in any format, representing a considerably more nuanced and intense set of flavors than are present in any sort of mass-market rum. The stuff will make a Long Island Iced Tea memorable, while throwing it into a rum & Coke will breathe new life into this also-ran. I would wholeheartedly suggest taste-testing the rum at room temperature and in a chilled state; there is a decidedly different bent to Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum as one varies the state of the spirit.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum can be purchased at any well-stocked liquor store for around $20-25. Let us know what you, our NeuFutur readers, think of the spirit.

Rating: 9.1/10

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Review / 80 Proof /
bottle-sammys_beachbarrumSammy’s Beach Bar Rum Review

Ben Folds Five Live CD Review

It’s been two years since Ben Folds got the band (the Five)back together and they’ve been making up for lost time, hitting the studio for last year’s The Sound of the Life of the Mind then doing a lap around the globe on their reunion tour. It appears Ben and the boys were kind enough to record those shows, so that they could give us Ben Folds Five Live (clever title, right?), the band’s first live album.


The 15-song collection is a beautiful reminder of why these guys won us over so quickly in the mid 90’s (catchy, piano-led indie pop songs that stay with you for days). While Folds has put out a live album as a solo artist, this is the first time (bootlegs aside) that the full band has put out a proper full length concert collection.

Recorded in 2012 and early 2013, in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan and the U.K., the band digs deep into their catalog, playing everything from “Jackson Cannery” from their debut up to “Erase me” off the new album. The charm of seeing these guys live is that they never play the songs the exact same way each time. This collection includes plenty of favorites, like “Song for the Dumped,” “Tom and Mary” and “One Angry Dwarf and Two Hundred Solemn Faces”.

While 2012 was unofficially billed as the Summer of 90’s Nostalgia with a slew of mediocre groups reuniting to fend of the banks from foreclosures (was anyone really pleading for a Lit reunion? Smashmouth? Didn’t think so), it’s nice to see a band people actually want to hear from used the opportunity to get the band back together.

Ben Folds Five Live CD Review

Ben Folds Five – Live/15 tracks/Sony Legacy/2013

White House Crooks Punk as Fuck CD

01-Whc-united we’ll stand.mp3
02-whc-no freedom.mp3
04-Whc-true americans.mp3
06-whc-red,white,and the selfish.mp3
07-whc-i belive in unity.mp3
08-whc-Punx are out.mp3
09-whc-sell-out society.mp3
10-whc-i hate this cuntrie.mp3
11-whc-fuck society.mp3
12-whc-another religion another war.mp3
13-whc-last call!.mp3

The Economic Meltdown DVD Review


The Economic Meltdown is a collection of five Frontline shows about the ongoing financial crisis on the world stage, which clock in at about 5 hours. Inside The Meltdown provides viewers with a set of actions that contributed to the crash of the economy, with a particular focus on the actions of United States Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.

Ten Trillion and Counting showcases that the impact of this collapse may not be limited to this generation. In fact, what this episode showcases is that the world economy will never be the same. Breaking the Bank provides a great deal of additional information about one of the key contributors to the crisis. By examining the actions taken by Ken Lewis while at the Bank of America, Breaking the Bank showcases that it was human interaction that created the fiscal situation.

The Warning focuses on the telltale signs that should have been evident to those watching the system, and looks at derivatives (securities that are linked to the value of constituent assets) as one of the factors exacerbating the failure of the system. Cliffhanger is the final episode on The Economic Meltdown, providing viewers with a look into the future. Unless major decisions are made to change the inherent flaws in the system, the chances are good that there will be a large collapse in the future, one that may dwarf what has occurred in the last few years. The Economic Meltdown can be purchased at a wide variety of online retailers. Check out the PBS website for more information about Frontline and other shows.

Rating: 8.4/10


The Economic Meltdown DVD Review / 2013 PBS / 300 Minutes / http://www.pbs.org8941735

Smuttynose ParadoX Beer Review


ParadoX is an interesting beer – a Session IPA, the sharpest sides of the IPA style have been rounded off by a bit of cream and floral flavors. The 5.30% ABV of ParadoX is perfect to maintain the fruit (grapefruit, lemon) flavors while providing an imbiber with a filling and refreshing body. The immediate IPA bite that is encountered rapidly dissolves, allowing the sweet side of ParadoX to shine through. The effervescence of the ParadoX allows for the beer to have a more lively flavor than many IPAs. I believe that it is this juxtaposition, this dual nature that allows ParadoX to have such a unique and unparalleled flavor. Our bottle was conditioned since January, allowing slight hints of sweeter malt to become known.

The beer stays composed to a great degree as it warms, shifting to a brighter and more constant effort after a bottle has been opened for some length of time. I feel that the ParadoX will appease fans of a wide swath of styles, and represents a beer through which individuals can introduce themselves to the IPA style. 960 bottles of ParadoX were bottled in 22 ounce size. To find out more information about ParadoX and the Short Batch series, check out the Smuttynose website for more information.

Rating: 9.0/10


ParadoX Beer Review / Smuttynose Short Batch #19 / 5.30% ABV /


Chris Dodge (Spazz, Slap-a-Ham) Interview

What are all of the bands you have played in?

This won’t be all of them, but this is what I can remember at the moment:
I do recall Ancient Chinese Secret. Reminded me of Melt Banana in a way. The material seems pretty impossible to find these days. Any chance of a record repress?

Never. I sort of hate that record. Actually I’d like it better as an instrumental. Aside from yourself, I don’t think there’s any interest in the material.

What was your introduction to punk? How about fast hardcore music?

Around 5th grade, my friend Steve had a brother in law who was into punk and used to let us borrow records. This was 1980, and I was really into KISS. Steve brought over the CRAMPS first album and told me “These guys are better than KISS.” I was like “Nobody is better than KISS.” We listened to the song “Garbage Man”, and I didn’t like it. The solo was just noise. Over the next year or two, we listened to other stuff, and I got into it, like the REZILLOS, DICKIES, SEX PISTOLS, RAMONES. And after a year or two, I liked the CRAMPS, too. Then I started listening to college radio, and there was a show on KFJC called Vinyl Rites that played all hardcore. They played everything from 7 Seconds to Terveet Kadet, and then that’s all I listened to. My buddy Steve ended up being one of the guys who started NO USE FOR A NAME with me later on.



Being a power violence pioneer, what would you say is the biggest difference between a power violence show in 1992 and a power violence show in 2013? I’m sure you never expected bands to still be using the term when you were part of a small, tight knit group in the early 90s.

The biggest difference is people are really into it now. In 1992 the California bands all played together out of mutual respect and common interest. This core of bands was pretty much the only bands to play with, besides a few local grindcore bands. Otherwise, you just ended up playing with pop punk or emo bands. The term power violence doesn’t really mean anything, especially now. It’s all just hardcore.

To me, Spazz has always been like the Wu-Tang Clan of hardcore. Kung Fu samples, colorful personalities, and a really raw style. How did you get Kool Keith to appear on La Revancha? Were you guys amazed that he name dropped your band on his classic song, I’m Destructive?

Dan Lactose from Spazz actually got to meet Kool Keith. Dan The Automator was the landlord of our friend Neil Nordstrom, and I think that’s how we found out Kool Keith was in town. He was in San Francisco working on the “Dr. Octagonecologyst” album. Dan and Keith were talking about grindcore and hardcore, and Keith knew some of the bands like Cannibal Corpse and Autopsy. Dan told him about Spazz, and so Kool Keith worked us into the song. Plus Dan got him to record that shout out that’s on “La Revancha”. Pretty awesome. Mostly through Dan, we had some minor connections with those underground rap dudes at the time. Ill Bill came out to our show on Long Island.


Any chance of a Spazz reunion? You probably get asked this all the time but anything is possible with Black Flag reuniting. It’s a strange world we live in.

It’s not impossible, but it’s highly unlikely. We’ve never talked about it seriously. We all live thousands of miles from each other, and Max hasn’t played in years. Of course, there would be a big paycheck in it for us, but the motivation & interest isn’t there at all. And frankly, it just doesn’t sound that fun to me.


What is your take on punk record collecting culture? What is the highest price you’ve seen one of your old records sell for?

I’m glad people are still into it. I was a big time collector, especially through the 80s and early 90s. Most of my collection is gone, but I understand the drive to seek out those limited pressings and rare releases. But I’m happy the interest is still out there, and it proves that everything “going digital” is b.s. People are still into the tactile experience of a vinyl release. I’m not sure what the highest price is for any of my releases, but I do know Jamie from Shank / Geriatric Unit sold the test pressing of the unreleased NEANDERTHAL “Undisputed Fighting Music” 7″ for enough money to buy his fiancee a wedding ring.



Any current bands you are really enjoying?


I’ll forget a lot, but off the top of my head: Sex Dwarf, Great Falls, Barking Backwards, Coke Bust, Sick Fix, Shitstorm, Maruta, ACxDC, Magrudergrind, Malpractice Insurance, D-Clone, Weekend Nachos, Strung Up, Actuary, Circuit Wound, +DOG+…

Tell people about your new blog.
Please check out a blog I just started called DODGY SOUNDS
I get people asking me for copies of old releases, so I figured it would be fun to post free downloads for out of print releases, plus I’m posting rare tunes that most people haven’t heard, like demos & outtakes. It also gives me a chance to write about each of these bands and releases.. it helps dust the cobwebs off my brain to talk about this stuff. It’s free, so check it out while you can (seems like download blogs always get shutdown, although this one shouldn’t since it’s all of my own material).


– Follow David on Twitter: @mchomelesstwitsp

Skillet Fly-away Contest

rise13NeuFutur and Skillet have teamed up to provide one lucky contestant (and a friend) the chance to be flown out to Chicago or Nashville to hang out with the band. To enter, one just needs to click the link at the bottom of this post. Make sure to do it quickly, as the contest ends on June 6th.

Skillet’s new album, Rise, will be released to online and brick and mortar stores on June 25th.


To enter, sign up on .

True Blood The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

With Season 5, there are no new introductions of mythical creatures (I think we covered them all with the werepanther); the episodes aren’t as dark as some of the previous seasons and the sexual tension is not boiling over this time, but it is still one of the most addicting season yet. Vampire frenemies Bill and Eric are captured and tortured by the Vampire Authority, the group that rules over the undead (and is as politically screwed up as any other body of government). The group is headed up by the suavely evil Vampire Roman (played by SVU’s Christopher Meloni in a brilliant casting coup). The final episode will make you question relationships that were solidified back in the very first season. Five season in and True Blood is better than ever.

True Blood The Complete Fifth Season/720 mins/5 DVDs/HBO Home Video/2013

5131vbVYkfL._SL500_AA300_True Blood The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review


Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Pets DVD Review

Sweetest Pets DVD Cover

On the heels of a number of re-dos in childrens’ television (My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Littlest Pet Shop was given new life by the Cahills (Tim and Julie, previously known as the creators of My Gym Partner’s A Monkey). This DVD captures a number of the later episodes of the first season, while providing space for a final release to collect the remainder of the season’s episodes.

Episodes on this DVD include Trading Place, Sweet (Truck) Ride, What’s In The Batter, Topped With Buttercream and Bakers and Fakers. In this collection, Bakers and Fakers is particularly notable as it showcases the negative aspects of lying and cheating. Topped With Buttercream teaches viewers the importance of moderation, no matter how catchy, tasty, or otherwise compelling something may be. Trading Places focuses on the sheer difficulty of being lost in an unknown place, showcasing the necessity of keeping in contact with an adult. The video quality of each of the episodes on Sweetest Pets is stellar, ensuring that viewers will have an experience that exceeds that of the original airing of the shows. An audio quality comparable to that of the video ensures that viewers will be able to hear every utterance on this DVD’s episodes without difficulty.

There is a coloring sheet that is included with a purchase of the DVD. Sweetest Pets can be purchased at any well-stocked DVD stores or from a wide variety of online retailers.

Rating: 8.4/10

Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Pets DVD Review / 2013 Shout! Kids / 110 Minutes / /

Yes Magnification 2 LP Vinyl Review

Yes’ Magnification, originally released in 2001 warranted a few footnotes in the bands decades-long history. It was the last studio album to feature longtime vocalist Jon Anderson, only the second record to feature a full orchestra and it is the only album to not feature a keyboardist (and this from a band who is known for their keyboards!).

The album, one of the band’s strongest in the past 10 years, has just been re-released on a limited edition, 180 gram, purple vinyl. The vinyl treatment seems rather appropriate as Yes is one of those bands that make albums that are meant to be listened to in their entirety and in chronological order.

The songs on Magnification are not necessarily going to win over any new fans (if you are a novice of the band, this is not the best album to use as an intro to their music), but is certain to come as welcome surprise to the bands legion of followers. The record is a gatefold – a rarity with vinyl re-releases – which lays out lyrics to all of the songs. Here’s hoping this release is a foreshadowing for more re-releases from the band’s exhaustive catalog.

 Yes – Magnification – 2 LPs [color vinyl]/10 tracks/Eagle Records and Sireena Records/2013


Yes Magnification 2 LP Vinyl Review