Dead Confederate In the Marrow CD Review

Coming off sounding like an alt-country band playing grunge music after gobbling a handful of mushrooms, it’s hard to find another band today that sounds like Augusta, GA’s Dead Confederate.  And why bother, when this five-piece does it so well.


Yes singer Hardy Morris sounds eerily like Kurt Cobain reincarnated, but the band can write one hell of a jam.  In the Marrow, their sixth album, is easily their best effort to date. Songs like “Bleed-Through” and “Slow Poisons” while not blatantly commercial, are still accessible enough to catch even the casual listener’s attention quickly and hold on to it.


Featuring guests like Athens singer Thayer Sarrano and Matt Stoessel on pedal steel, In the Marrow also marks the band’s first album with new drummer JJ Bower. Coming in at eight-songs you can’t help but wish there was more here.


Dead Confederate – In the Marrow/8 tracks/Spiderbomb/2013


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