Honky 421 Album Review


It’s been nearly two decades since JD Pinkus left the Butthole Surfers, but he sure as hell hasn’t faded away. A fixture on the Austin music scene, Pinkus put in 10 years with the Daddy Longhead before putting that band out to pasture; He also played with Skinny Leonard and Areola 51, but his latest project Honky (why has there never been a band by this name yet?) is one of his best post-Butthole outings yet.

421, the band’s latest out on vinyl, is another blistering collection of Lone Star State Psychedelic punk boogie. Recorded at Willie Nelson’s personal studio (Pedernales Studio), this latest is another collection of teeth rattling, but surprisingly infectious jams that draw from inspiration from ZZ Top as much as The Clash.

From the album opener “WFO” up to “Black Joe’s Bitch” you can’t help but sing-along to Pinkus’ red throated rasps. With the clever double entendres and boogie vibe, it’s easy to overlook the solid guitar on this record courtesy of Bobby Ed Landgraf (check out “Woke Up Dead” and “All For Nothin’”). All in all, a hell of a ride you won’t soon forget.

Honky – 421/11 tracks/MVD Audio/2013


Honky 421 Album Reviewimages (7) (MVD Audio)

Colored Vinyl: 170 blue, 170 red, 170 white

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