Negator Gates to the Pantheon CD Review


Gates to the Pantheon is the fourth album from Negator, and the 9 tracks contained within showcase considerable evolution and tightening of the band’s sound. The album starts out strong with Bringer of War and The Last Sermon. Rather than continue to hammer their sound over listeners, Negator changes gears with Serpent’s Court. Serpent’s Court has a more brooding and darkly emotive feel, a trend that is made more common during the second half of Gates to the Pantheon.

The ending third of Gates to the Pantheon showcases that Negator only places their strongest efforts on CD. The Urge for Battle is one of the longer efforts on this CD, but the arrangements laid down and the interplay between the distinct elements of Negator provide considerable momentum to the last few efforts. Revelation 9:11 is the final track on Gates to the Pantheon, providing an exclamation mark to what is one of the best albums that we have had the chance to review in 2013. The transitory nature of the track allows it to succeed as a Gates to the Pantheon track just as it provides fans with some idea where the band will go on their later recordings.

Gates to the Pantheon can be purchased at any local music retailer or online company dealing with metal. Negator is a rare find, a metal act that chooses to continually innovate rather than bludgeon their listeners with the same fare over the course of an album. Make sure to check out their website for more information about future releases or any live dates that they may play.

Top Tracks: Bringer of War, The Urge for Battle

Rating: 8.7/10

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