Pawn DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack Review


Pawn has a simple set up. A restaurant is actively being held up when a police officer happens upon the crime. What results is one of the most tense situations that criminal or officer of the peace can encounter, and those tapped to take part in the film (Forest Whitaker, Common, Stephen Lang, and Michael Chiklis) do a great job in imparting the difficulty in diffusing the situation. The entirety of the interaction is provided when it becomes apparent that a mob group has utilized the diner for their own illicit dealings, and will do anything to ensure that their hideout remains unmolested. At all points during Pawn, viewers will be unsure of the outcome – before the film reaches its pinnacle, anyone could be the victorious King (to further use chess terminology).

The behind the scenes featurette included in this combo pack adds additional value to the film, showing viewers a different side to the cast. I feel the voice work done by Michael Chiklis is one of the title’s many high points, establishing eir as an actor that can take on any role.

Pawn is a solid film and blends old and new actors to create a cogent and coherent film. The title is reminiscent  of Dog-Day Afternoon, albeit with a second force breathing down on the robber’s neck. The Blu-Ray and DVD format of Pawn are incredibly sharp and possess a crispness to the audio that will ensure that viewers can understand each line of dialogue and ambient noise. Pawn can be purchased at any store that has a video selection or via a number of online movie retailers. Regardless, one should search out their own copy of Pawn to see this meshing of acting’s past, present, and future.

Rating: 8.5/10

Pawn DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack Review / 2013 Anchor Bay Films / 88 Minutes / http://www.anchorbayent.comimages

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