Red Shred Extreme Thermogenic Accelerator Review

There are few supplements that can increase energy, decrease appetite, and stick with those taking the supplement for any sort of time. Red Shred is a product that, when included alongside smart dieting and an active lifestyle, can decrease overall body fat, increase energy, and allow those taking the product the ability to improve the intensity of their workout.

The Metabolic Calorie Restrictor is perhaps the most interesting part of Red Shred, including white kidney bean extract and MRI’s Super CitriMax (Garcinia Cambogia fruit), which decreases appetite. The thermogenic compounds include caffeine, Cayenne pepper, Green Coffee and Tea extractrs, and Kola Nut extract. Finally, the inclusion of IGOB131 (Irvingia gabonensis), which has been linked to increases in weight loss and waist circumference in a double-blind study, ensure that all sides of meaningful weight loss are approached.

I was able to supplement with Red Shred for 3 weeks and noticed an immediate drop in my overall hunger levels. While I was able to eat a well-balanced meal regularly, there were not the same snacking urges that had caused problems in my weight loss regimen. The energy provided by the thermogenic compounds allowed me to focus both in terms of studies and working out; the energy provided by Red Shred gradually decreased rather than forcing me to crash. The efficacy of Red Shred did not decrease after I supplemented with the product for an increased amount of time. Red Shred can be easily incorporated into a normal regimen of supplements, as the dosing times (before breakfast and before lunch) will not interfere later-day workouts and activities. Visit the MRI website for more information about the product and MRI’s other offerings; Red Shred is a product that will keep individuals active while making it much easier to  drop weight and to keep it off.

Rating: 9.3/10

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  1. Haven’t seen this product before, it looks like it might be great. Will have to check it out. Thanks for the great review

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