Save the Date DVD Review

The small indie film Save the Date may have been lost among the massive budget holiday releases when it saw its brief theatrical release at the end of 2012, but it will likely get more attention now that it’s surfaced on DVD.

This smart film follows two sisters (Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan) who are dating best friends and band mates. When one of the friends successfully proposes to one of the sisters, his buddy decides to pop the question as well in a very public way. The answer is an awkward no, leading to embarrassing heartache and a rebound romance, all the while trying not to let it overshadow the impending wedding.

The movie, though a bit obvious in plot at times, is nevertheless well written and acted (Caplan is stellar as the suddenly single sister). Despite a few movie turns that start to veer into clichés, the director ultimately pulls off a funny, sweet, romantic film that will hopefully find its audience.        

Save the Date DVD Review /97 mins./IFC Films and MPI Home Video/2013

imagesSave the Date DVD Review

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