Yes Magnification 2 LP Vinyl Review

Yes’ Magnification, originally released in 2001 warranted a few footnotes in the bands decades-long history. It was the last studio album to feature longtime vocalist Jon Anderson, only the second record to feature a full orchestra and it is the only album to not feature a keyboardist (and this from a band who is known for their keyboards!).

The album, one of the band’s strongest in the past 10 years, has just been re-released on a limited edition, 180 gram, purple vinyl. The vinyl treatment seems rather appropriate as Yes is one of those bands that make albums that are meant to be listened to in their entirety and in chronological order.

The songs on Magnification are not necessarily going to win over any new fans (if you are a novice of the band, this is not the best album to use as an intro to their music), but is certain to come as welcome surprise to the bands legion of followers. The record is a gatefold – a rarity with vinyl re-releases – which lays out lyrics to all of the songs. Here’s hoping this release is a foreshadowing for more re-releases from the band’s exhaustive catalog.

 Yes – Magnification – 2 LPs [color vinyl]/10 tracks/Eagle Records and Sireena Records/2013


Yes Magnification 2 LP Vinyl Review

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