Cayman Jack Hand Crafted Margarita Review


There have not been any bottled margaritas that been wowed me. Every time that I have purchased one, there just seems to be something off about the effort. This means that some efforts go overboard on the lime flavoring, while others just miss the mark entirely. We were lucky enough to receive a sample of the Cayman Jack Hand Crafted Margarita (which is available at a wide array of stores), and can say that it is as close to an island margarita that we have ever had. Each Cayman Jack Margarita clocks in at 5.9% (about the alcohol content of an ice-brewed beer) and is able to provide a substantial blast of tequila, lime, and even hints of sugar.

The alcohol content of the Cayman Jack Hand Crafted Margarita is sufficiently low that a 6 pack could easily be split between a couple, while a proper chill on the bottle will make for an incredibly refreshing way to wind down a day. We would love to see Cayman Jack create additions to the Margarita line, perhaps throwing a fruit-infused variant into the mix. For those that have had the Cayman Jack Hand Crafted Margarita, what do you think?

Rating: 8.0/10

Cayman Jack Hand Crafted Margarita Review/ 5.9% ABV /

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15 thoughts on “Cayman Jack Hand Crafted Margarita Review”

  1. Well, I’d have to agree that the Cayman Jack Hand Crafted Margarita is an excellent product. Squeeze a bit of lime into it, crush a couple of ripe strawberries into it and wow….watch the ladies down them like beer and men at a football game.

  2. Alot of drinks that have lime I really hate the lime is to strong and nasty but this drink hits a home run with me I love and thank my brother for putting me on them

  3. I tried these this summer and here’s my new drink: lots of ice, squeeze lime over ice site, add Cayman Jack 3/4 of glass, 1/4 orange juice!! Now we’re talking. I have made these for everyone. Refreshing drink during hot days! Enjoy

  4. I absolutely love these! Even my male friends are always asking me if I have any of “those” margaritas when they come over … I add a little tequila when I am feeling like it needs a lil kick

  5. I really like Cayman Jack Margaritas. I prefer they glass bottles but have purchased the 12oz can & like them second best. I have served to bartenders with a salt rimmed glad & they have commented that while I could have used more tequila, they tasted great. Lol

  6. I love these as well. My new go to! I want to know how many carbs they contain???? anybody?

  7. Will not buy them again there’s not a drop tequila in them ,rip off false advertisement it is not a Margarita don’t waste your money

  8. I love them. Wish you could find them everywhere. Maybe eventually. I love the strawberry,lime and ice idea. And adding a little tequila would be perfect.

  9. Please correct you verbiage in the article above, there is no tequila in a Cayman Jack. The alcohol is a CJ is malt liquor (a highly filtered beer). NOT tequila. We have been married for 20 years and have a bet on this! And your mis-worded post is making her try and convince me that it has tequila…help me!

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