Highness Hold CD Review

The biggest and most welcoming surprise about Hold, the debut from Highness, is that it sounds very little like what you would expect, given the resume of its band members. Collectively, the group members have put in time with Darkest Hour, Christie Front Drive and City of Caterpillar, among others. And while Highness does take elements from all – emo, metal, post-hardcore, the sound is not an obvious carbon copy of any one of those bands.
The nine tracks here are definitely solid, but not necessarily treading any new ground. The few stand outs are the strikingly beautiful instrumental “Forking Roads” and the slow-build “Crepuscular Rays”. And while everyone from the bassist and drummer to the guitars is playing impressively well, the end result just fails to sounds like anything new or memorable.

A decent start that may be building to something better down the road.

Highness Hold CD Review /9 tracks/Magic Bullet/2013


Highness Hold CD Review

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