Styrofume Legplant CD Review

Simply put, this is a ton of noise put out by another artist on Breaking World Records. I cannot really say that I would have this CD on heavy rotation in my portable cd player, but I try to look at it as more of an artistic piece, as Penderecki is to classical music. One tries to see the beauty inherent in a CD like this, and tries to figure out exactly what the creator, Bryan, wants his audience to see with songs like “Egg Colored Egg”, “Aiquation”, and “Pregnant with Ping Pong”. If someone wants to hear Aphex Twin or other popular noise artists, I would say that they shouldn’t look to this album for similarities. However, if one is a fan for music for music’s sake, I would venture to say this album. This is a man that does not care what people think of his album, of the general sound of it, of the amount of CDs sold. It is particularly desirable to have this quality in an artist, as these people are just so few in the music industry at this time. If you want to buy this CD, the best bet would be to go to .

Rating : 6.1/10.
Styrofume Legplant CD Review

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