The Blow Monkeys Feels Like a New Morning CD Review

It’s been about six years since The Blow Monkeys – once one of the brightest spots on the 80’s New Wave movement – reunited and the band has certainly been making up for lost time. Feels Like a New Morning marks the band’s fourth release since getting back on the bike and while they have certainly settled into a much more mellow vibe, they have likely aged right alongside their core fans.

It’s clear the band pretty much stopped listening to new music around the time they first called it quits in 1990. This latest record is pretty uneven, vacillating between some decent songs (“Said Too Much” and “Icarus in Flames”) and just plain boring ditties (“Chained” and “Feels Like a New Morning”).

The CD also comes with a solo acoustic record from frontman Dr. Robert playing 10 unplugged versions of the band’s better known songs like “Digging Your Scene,” “It Doesn’t have to Be This Way” and “Springtime for the World”. Of the two, the solo disc is the one worth keeping.

The Blow Monkeys Feels Like a New Morning CD /2 CDs/ Cherry Red Records/2013


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