The Good Wife The Fourth Season DVD Review

There are some critically-lauded TV shows that just leave you scratching your head at their appeal (Hemlock Grove? The Killing?). The Good Wife is not one of them. 



With refreshingly creative characters and impressive writing, it’s pretty easy to see why The Good Wife continues to be a favorite outlet for many. Part legal drama and part political series, the show is a mirror of our current and past political scandals, based in part on a number of real life sex trysts (from Eliot Spitzer to John Edwards). Given the ongoing parade of perverts (looking at you Weiner), the show is particularly timely four season into its run. Though there are great characters though out, Julianna Margulies as Alicia, the politician’s wife who went back to work as an attorney after her husband headed to jail, and Alan Cumming as Eli Gold, the political strategist and crisis manager, are two of the best characters on TV right now. 

The Good Wife The Fourth Season DVD Review /6 DVDs/15 hrs. and 15 mins./Paramount/2013



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