The Cloak Ox Premieres “Pigeon Lung” Video

The Cloak Ox have released the new video for “Pigeon Lung” today, exclusively via MTV Hive. The Minneapolis-based rock and roll band are kicking off the eastern portion of their U.S. tour this week, including a stop in NYC for the Totally Gross National Product CMJ showcase at The Knitting Factory on October 17th. The band will return to the road January 2014 for West Coast tour dates with Volcano Choir. The band’s debut LP Shoot The Dog is out now via Totally Gross National Product.

Tour Dates

10.04.13 – Minneapolis, MN – The Fine Line*
10.05.13 – Madison, WI – The Majestic Theatre*
10.06.13 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall*
10.08.13 – St Louis, MO – Blank Space
10.09.13 – Indianapolis, IN – Joyful Noise Office
10.10.13 – Grand Rapids, MI –  The Pyramid Scheme
10.11.13 – South Bend, IN – The LangLab
10.12.13 – Cincinnati, OH – MOTR Pub
10.13.13 – Columbus, OH – Tree Bar
10.17.13 – Brooklyn, NY – TGNP CMJ showcase @ Knitting Factory
01.17.14 – Phoenix, AZ – The Crescent Ballroom#
01.18.14 – Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda#
01.19.14 – San Diego, CA – House Of Blues#
01.21.14 – San Francisco, CA – The Filmore#
01.23.14 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom#
01.24.14 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom#
01.25.14 – Seattle, WA – Neptune

* w/ Why?
# w/ Volcano Choir




David Cash, Jerry Blair, Chris Woltman and Tony Cammarota are back in the Top Ten with Good Man

Music industry veterans Jerry BlairChris Woltman and Tony Cammarota have another Top 10 record to add to their illustrious careers; the trio have come together with music maven David Cash and his hard rock band Devour The Day for their single “Good Man” (the lead track from the debut album “Time & Pressure”) which will hit the aforementioned benchmark for the first time as of Monday September 30th, 2013.

Devour the Day was formed in early 2012 by former Egypt Central members Joey Chicago and Blake Allison; their debut album was co-produced with Skidd Mills and the first single “Good Man” is now a Top 10 Active Rock radio hit. Recently, they toured with SevendustOtherwise and Theory of a Deadman and can currently be seen out on the road with the Hinder and Candlebox.

In early 2012, David Cash signed the band to his imprint label Fat Lady Music and cultivated their success. He then partnered up with Chris Woltman, Jerry Blair and Tony Cammarota and secured a distribution deal for the label with Universal Music‘s independent arm Caroline Records, which all ultimately led to the release of the album and this great achievement for all parties involved.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Global Entertainment Management’s Jerry Blair and Tony Cammarota are also working with superstar artist Wyclef Jean on his upcoming release “The Carnival Begins” and Element1’s Chris Woltman is also working with established rockers Family Force Five and has MTV’s “Artist To Watch” Twenty One Pilots signed to Fueled By Ramon/Atlantic.

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In Case We Die By Danny Bland Book Review


Yes the alkie/junkie-who’s-really-a-good-guy genre has been around for a long, long time. The fact that anyone would try and tread that ground after Charles Bukowski is simply mindboggling, but somehow Danny Bland takes the challenge and does remarkably well. In Case We Die, the first novel from Bland (best known as a musician for The Dwarves, Cat Butt and Best Kisser in the World) is dark, emotional and surprisingly funny.

Sticking to a world he knows a lot about, the Seattle music scene, Bland gives almost memoir-like detail to the fictional account of Charlie Hyatt, a functioning druggie, dating a rising rock star, Carrie Finch, while working in a downtown porn shop during the day. The details in the book, everything from the needle hitting the vein to the freaks that troll the peepshow booth at the porn shop, bring the story to life, like a grunge-era Hemingway.

Where other junkie with a heart of gold storytellers fail, but Bland does impressively well, is making you actually care about the characters. The tragic, though sweet relationship between Hyatt and Finch is detailed slowly ending with a story that is both beautiful and realistic. The book is fantastic, but the audiobook even better, with longtime Bland friends lending their voices to the story, including Aimee Mann, Duff  McKagan, Eddie Spaghetti , Steve Earle, Marc Maron, John Doe and many more.

In Case We Die By Danny Bland/Hardcover/240 pages/Fantagraphics Books/2013

A Hundred Years Altered Reality CD Review


Mermaid opens up Altered Reality, and provides listeners with a brief introduction for where the band will ultimately go over the course of the album. While the driving instrumentation hurtles listeners quickly to the track’s conclusion, I feel that there is a very meaty and fulfilling sound that is whipped up here. Black Bones is a track that takes on hints of alternative, goth, and psychedelic rock. The interaction between the guitars and drums makes for further complexity, ensuring that listeners will continue to enjoy Altered Reality through a number of listens. Parallel Lies is an absolutely brutal track in the vein of Monster Magnet and Gwar, linking together British heavy metal, thrash, and even more tribal (think Sepultura) heaviness into a two-minute blast. Ghost immediately follows up Parallel Lies, bringing A Hundred Years into a distinctly different sound; Ghost keeps the passion even as the band establishes a jazz / heavy rock fusion with this track. Where Art Thou Men? brings listeners to the conclusion of the first half of Altered Reality, providing simultaneously an end (to the first half) and a beginning (to the second half). Kong is an effort that is as looming and intimidating as the titular ape. The production of Altered Reality is close and tight, imbuing each of the album’s cuts with a very raw and fiery spirit.

Cockroach Mambo is a late-album inclusion that keeps the momentum high, ensuring that listeners are able to stick with Altered Reality through the memorable short-epic dynamic of the album’s final two tracks, Grunge and Born to Loose. The tracks provide a final bit of evidence that A Hundred Years is an act that can continually shift styles and approaches in the creation of some of the best music that we have heard this year. Listeners will never know what to expect from A Hundred Years beyond tremendously musicianship and dedication to creating some impressive rock.

Top Tracks: Parallel Lies, Where Art Thou Men?

Rating: 8.9/10

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The Sidleys Bittersweet CD Review


Bittersweet is a timeless bit of alternative pop that contains some alluring instrumental arrangements and catchy vocals. While the initial track on Bittersweet is easy on the ears, Burning is a track that is sultry and soulful. The inclusion of funk and soul into the mix will appease fans of Pink and Christina Aguilera. Play It Down is a very dynamic track that has The SIdleys continue to speed up until the chorus. With on-point guitars to highlight Annie’s vocals, the track is able to keep the album’s momentum high well into the next section. After a brief instrumental interlude (The Last Reprise, Pt. 1), the band sets out on a bold new direction. The slower stylings of Nothing Else Remains twinkle as evidence that The Sidleys can shift and change their output during Bittersweet while still adhering to the same high quality that began the album.

Tin Flowers is one of the most interesting tracks on this release, as the instrumentation is set up at a level comparable to Annie’s vocals. With this shift in dominance, what results in Tin Flowers is something special – Annie’s vocals do double duty here as the narrative and the supporting element. Bittersweet ends with Diamond in the Snow, a sedate track that elicits memories of sitting around a heated house after a heavy snowstorm. The production here infuses the track with a familiarity that makes this a delightful end to Bittersweet. Visit their website today for more information about the act, and for tour dates through the rest of the fall.

Top Tracks: Great Unknown, Nothing Else Remains

Rating: 9.0/10

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Gundriver Gundriver No. 1 CD Review



Against The Darkness is very heavy and has the same grit and grim determination of Animalize-era KISS or Fear of the Dark-esque Iron Maiden. The guitars cut a bold path that is further trodden by authoritative drums and a set of vocals that are raw and utterly forward. Rip It adds hints of Anthrax and Judas Priest into the mix, speeding up the tempo while presenting a ropy and intricate bass line. Gundriver is an act that establishes their own unique flow alongside a slew of distinct metal influences. Under The Rock builds off of Guns ‘N’ Roses, Warrant, and Ratt, presenting listeners with instrumentation that stands up to repeat listening. While many metal albums are straight-forward, Gundriver No. 1 is always intricate in terms of linking together instrumental and vocal elements.

Never Meant to Be is a highlight of Gundriver No. 1. I feel that the track is able to resound with listeners through some of the most beautiful and affecting arrangements that are present on this album, while staying true to what the band attempts to do each time out on the disc.

Gundriver No. 1 is a tremendous introduction to the band and their dedicated approach to creating some of the most taut and catchy music so far this year. Give the Gundriver website a spin for further information and news about the band alongside the latest in videos and live dates. Metal has changed considerably in the last thirty years, and Gundriver has succeeded in linking together disparate elements, influences, and styles into one cohesive release.

Top Tracks: Against The Darkness, Never Meant to Be

Rating: 8.5/10


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Skeletons in the Piano Please Don’t Die CD Review


Please Don’t Die begins with The Price Put on You, an introduction that provides a microcosm of the styles and approaches that Skeletons in the Piano will utilize on this album. Longpig is a track that has the instrumentation and the vocals struggle for dominance. It is the dynamic between these two elements that push the track into a completely different effort. The shambling, jangling approach taken by Skeletons in the Piano during Longpig provide listeners the momentum that they need to complete Please Don’t Die.

Loose Kites in Harbor is and impressive blend of industrial, pirate metal, rockabilly, and goth music; a very slick set of vocals provide a similar splashiness. Skeletons in the Piano can take on hints of Flogging Molly, the Nekromantix, and still have enough ability and technical skill to imbue their own essence into the track. Digging Underneath the House slows things down, allowing listeners ample opportunity to see a different side of the band. While the song does continue to gain a dark and brooding sound, there seems to be a lighter and more hopeful element that is playing at the periphery.

Please Don’t Die ends with Oh, Rose, an effort that allows listeners to get a sense of the full breadth of Skeletons in the Piano. I feel that the band possesses the pep and the skill to continue innovating and impressing listeners with subsequent efforts. Purchase Please Don’t Die from the band and see what you have been missing.

Top Tracks: The Price Put on You, Digging Underneath the House

Rating: 8.3/10

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Wiseguys ‘n Scallywags S/T CD Review


Abomination is an intense track that stands at the juncture between punk, metal, and hard rock. Wiseguys ‘n Scallywags kick things into high gear early, linking together an absolutely brutal sound with an emotional florish. Better Off Undead is a track that touches upon The Early November and Brand New as much as they take up hints of AFI and early Avenged Sevenfold. The disc hits a new high with Saddest Story Never Told, a track that pushes forward an absolutely unique style. One needs to hear the track to believe it, as a set of Our Lady Peace meets Taking Back Sunday vocals are bolstered by an industrial / trap percussion.

What It’s Like to Die will appease fans of Social Distortion, the Nekromantix, and even My Chemical Romance fans; the bouncy beat of the track ferries a vibrant narrative through the entirety of the cut. Bubblegum Jazz is a major stylistic shift for Wiseguys ‘n Scallywags, but is contextualized perfectly through intelligent arrangements and the same bleeding-edge style that is threaded through this album.

Funkasaurus Rex vs. the Funkness Monster is the final track on the album, showing well that Wiseguys ‘n Scallywags are creating stellar music until the end. Where there is a tendency to put weaker tracks at the later registers of an album, the band is able to continue to evolve and change their style until the end. Add the band on Facebook for further information about their upcoming album, and purchase the self-titled release at the band’s CDBaby store ( .

Top Tracks: Funkasaurus Rex vs. the Funkness Monster, Saddest Story Never Told

Rating: 8.4/10

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The Dream Logic Self-Titled CD Review


Quietly Freaky is a warm and inviting introduction for The Dream Logic, while the narrative brought will ensure that listeners stick around. The dynamic achieved by each of the instruments during Quietly Freak showcases another strength; the bass, drums, and guitars create a dense and fulfilling arrangement. What People Say continues to expand The Dream Logic’s palette as the band takes on bold new arrangements and a panoply of different styles.

Spooky Reaction is an epic six and a half minute romp through blues, jazz, and funk; the muted tones of the synthesizer, an emotive guitar, and on-point drums allows this track to resound long after the band has moved onto Emoco. Emoco switches things up considerably, from the variety of styles broached to the overall length of the composition (at 2:47, Emoco is the second shortest track on the album). Blending together hints of Genesis with Elvis Costello and Tom Petty, this track elicits memories of warm summer days. While having a very pop-influenced sound, Emoco maintains the same sort of quality and interesting arrangements that are present throughout the album.

Bad Deal is the final track on the album, and represents a solid ending to an album that is full of highlights. The Dream Logic is an act that creates a unique blend of jam band, blues, jazz, and rock while possessing a familiarity that keeps people listening . Make sure to purchase a copy of The Dream Logic directly from The Dream Logic, ( ). Visit their homepage ( ) for tour dates, pictures, and video footage of the band.

Top Tracks: Quietly Freaky, What People Say

Rating: 8.7/10

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Reckless in Vegas The Hard Way Review


Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You starts in a very soulful and singular fashion, allowing the band to continue gaining momentum and energy. It is this delightful addition of speed that makes Reckless in Vegas shine; the vocals will call forth individuals like Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) while the guitars twinkle with all of the indie fury of Coldplay or The Black Keys. Reckless in Vegas tackles a Dean Martin classic in Everybody Loves Somebody, bringing the Red Hot Chili Peppers-styled guitar work of the opening strains with a quicker, Vandals-like pop-punk sound. I was a little skeptical at Reckless in Vegas covering Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire (as there was an amazing version done by Social Distortion), but found myself more of a fan by the end of the track. The Reckless in Vegas version breaks free of the trappings of the original and makes it into something that could easily garner heavy rotation. The inclusion of Rumer Willis in “Falling In Love” makes an already-solid effort into something utterly impressive. The bold machismo of Reckless in Vegas is provided the perfect soft touch of Rumer, while the instrumentation is simply stunning.

Reckless in Vegas makes classics like Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon, Ring of Fire, and Love Me Tender into tracks that the younger set can appreciate it, while maintaining the same love for the tracks and quality as the original performers. Take a trip to the Reckless in Vegas website for further news about the band; here’s to hoping that they can continue to take some of music’s best known tracks and imbue them with a contemporary style and crisp sound.

Top Tracks: Luck Be A Lady, The Beat Goes On / This Town

Rating: 9.0/10

Reckless in Vegas The Hard Way CD Review / 2013 Self / 11 Tracks /"The Hard Way" by Reckless in Vegas, press play