Ghost Face Killah Beer Review


Ghost Face Killah is one of the most challenging beers that we have reviewed; the fire that the beer provides is granted from the ghost and habanero peppers that are included in the brewing process. While pepper beers have been a hot commodity through 2013, I feel that Ghost Face Killah is an effort that beer and hot sauce snobs will appreciate. The beer itself is incredibly smooth, with little to no hop bite present. Before the high levels of spice kick in, one will be able to discern the profiles of some of the most normally-spiced peppers (Serranos and Fresnos). The beer is slightly slow-going, and benefits greatly with an ancillary snack (Twisted Pine says that ice cream is good, but we were a fan of a glass of water and slightly salty snack).

The Ghost Face Killah would be an excellent holiday or birthday gift, while the beer itself is best enjoyed in a party setting. Visit the Twisted Pine website for more information about Ghost Face Killah and the rest of the company’s brews. While the company’s beers are not as mind-meltingly hot as Ghost Face Killah, they are crafted with the same care as this effort. Check your local beer stores to see if they stock Twisted Pine.

Rating: 7.8/10

Ghost Face Killah / 5.0% ABV / Twisted Pine Brewing Company /

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom Review

The vaporizer is one of the most simple that we have had the chance to review. Where there are a number of settings or other steps (filling the product, ratcheting in the correct temperature), all one needs to do when it comes to the Pax Vaporizer is charge it up and to place the herbal blend into the product. Continue reading “Pax Vaporizer by Ploom Review”

Cumbancha Signs Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate


Cumbancha Signs Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate

The collaboration between a rapper/beatboxer/singer-songwriter from Syracuse, NY and an electrifying African kora sensation from Guinea pushes genre boundaries and earns raves across Europe.

Debut album Faya out February 18th on Cumbancha Discovery

“A gloriously accessible collision of styles. It’s an unlikely collaboration that works, magnificently.” – The Guardian (UK)

“A boundary-trampling high-octane hybrid in which the lightning fast electrified licks of Kouyate are matched by the explosive energy of Driscoll’s rapid fire rhyming.” – Songlines (UK)

The well-worn and often overblown expression “music is a common language” has never been more apropos in the case of Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate. US-born, England-based Driscoll speaks no French and Kouyate, who hails from the West African country of Guinea, little English. When they were brought together at the Nuit Metis (Mixed Night) festival in Marseille, France in 2010 and given a week to produce a concert, music was the only way they could communicate.

It turns out, they had a lot to “talk” about, and their first meeting sparked a collaboration that led to the formation of a band, the recording of an album, over 120 concert dates across Europe and rave reviews. Driscoll contributes the rapping, looping, beatboxing and songwriting talents he developed growing up in Syracuse, New York and during his own successful recording career. Kouyate, already a phenomenon in African music circles, has blown minds and ears with his hypersonic electrified riffs on the kora, bringing the exalted West African harp into the 21st Century with use of distortion peddles, effects and previously-unimagined technical prowess. Together, Driscoll and Kouyate blend hip-hop, spoken word, funk, and soulful, accessible rock with Afrobeat, reggae and irrepressible African grooves.(READ MORE->)


Videos: /

When Calls The Heart DVD Review


When Calls The Heart, a film adaptation of a Janette Oke title, is a tremendously inspiring film, and the movie is something that all members of the family can appreciate. The title surrounds an earlier period in American history (1875-1915, or so). While there are specific problems that the cast must encounter that are specific to that time period, the overall narrative that is weaved in When Calls The Heart is something that will resound loudly with anyone that watches the movie. The break between high society and the rough and rugged experience had by those in the Western Frontier is experienced by Elizabeth Thatcher (Poppy Drayton). Thatcher is a teacher that has to show eir family that ey has adequate skills necessary to make a living. With self-doubt creeping in, Elizabeth is able to find solace in the fact that eir Aunt Elizabeth (Maggie Grace) had successfully completed the same sojourn some time before.

What When Calls The Heart succeeds most at is in the costuming and the set design. Viewers will be transported back to an earlier time, while an all-star cast ensures that proper language and mannerisms are utilized.

The home video edition of the movie succeeds as well, with a beautiful transfer that renders flesh tones accurate and both outside and inside scenes to really pop. Make sure to purchase a copy of When Calls The Heart from a variety of physical stores (video shops and Christian media retailers will likely have it) and online retailers – a copy of the release will likely cost from $15-20.

Rating: 9.2/10

When Calls The Heart DVD Review / 2013 Word Films / 89 Minutes /

Christina Perri Reveals Album Cover & New Song “I Believe”

Christina Perri has revealed the cover artwork for her new album head or heart, which will be released March 11th. 

head or heart  is now available for pre-order.  Fans who pre-order the album will receive a gratis download of “I Believe,” which is the final track on the album.

Listen to “I Believe” here: (Post & Share)

Preorder the album here:

webstore (pre-order bundles):

“head or heart” – which follows the acclaimed singer/songwriter’s breakthrough 2011 debut, “lovestrong” – was recorded over the past year with production from Martin Johnson (Avril Lavigne, Gavin Degraw), Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, One Direction), John Hill (P!nk, Mayer Hawthorne, Santigold), and Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco). The album was mixed by GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Manny Marroquin (Kanye West, John Legend, Alicia Keys).


Named as iTunes’ “Breakthrough Pop Artist of 2011,” Perri earned critical applause and an increasingly fervent fan following with her extraordinary debut, “lovestrong.” Highlighted by the 3x-platinum certified smash, “Jar of Hearts,” the album – produced by GRAMMY®-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (The White Stripes, My Morning Jacket) – entered the SoundScan/Billboard 200 among the top 5 upon its initial release, while also proving an unqualified international sensation with top 5 success in Australia and Ireland as well as top 10 sales in Canada and the United Kingdom.


Perri followed “lovestrong.” with the RIAA  4x-platinum certified hit single, “A Thousand Years,” exclusively featured on Summit Entertainment/Chop Shop/Atlantic’s “THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 & 2– ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACKS.”  The track was a multi-format radio favorite, with top 10 airplay at Hot AC and top 25 spins at CHR/Top 40 outlets nationwide.





4                             Denver, CO                                         Ogden Theatre

5                             Salt Lake City, UT                            The Depot

8                             Minneapolis, MN                             Mill City Nights

9                             Chicago, IL                                         House of Blues

11                           Detroit, MI                                         Majestic Theatre

12                           Cincinnati, OH                                  Bogart’s

14                           Toronto, ON                                      Danforth Music Hall

16, 17                   New York, NY                                   Irving Plaza

19                           Philadelphia, PA                              Electric Factory

20                           Boston, MA                                        House of Blues

22                           Washington, DC                               9:30 Club

24                           Cleveland, OH                                   House of Blues

25                           Louisville, KY                                    Mercury Ballroom

26                           Indianapolis, IN                               Deluxe

28                           St. Louis, MO                                     Plush

29                           Nashville, TN                                    Cannery Ballroom

30                           Atlanta, GA                                         Buckhead Theatre



2                             Lake Buena Vista, FL                     House of Blues

3                             St.Petersburg, FL                             State Theatre

6                             Houston, TX                                      House of Blues

7                             Austin, TX                                           Emo’s

9                             Dallas, TX                                           House of Blues

10                           Lawrence, KS                                    Grenada Theater

13                           Tempe, AZ                                          The Marquee

14                           San Diego, CA                                    Humphreys

16                           Las Vegas, NV                                    House of Blues

17                           Los Angeles, CA                                The Wiltern

20                           San Francisco, CA                            The Fillmore

21                           Sacramento, CA                               Ace of Spades

23                           Portland, OR                                     Wonder Ballroom

24                           Seattle, WA                                        Neptune

26                           Vancouver, BC                                  Vogue Theatre

Dylan Connor Interview

Hello, Dylan. What should we know about you?

Blood Like Fire (Songs for Syria) is my fourth official release as a solo artist. Previously, I released three albums as front man for San Francisco based power pop band M.Headphone. As it stands right now, I am the only American singer to release an album of original songs about the crisis in Syria. I have no Syrian background, but I am married to a Syrian woman, and I have traveled and performed there several times. I live in Stratford, CT and teach Latin during the day, where I often bust out the guitar and sing songs about Latin grammar and red pens.

Which artists have influenced your music and how much do these influences play into your creative process?

  1. Neil Young. I grew up with Neil Young playing on the turntable in my house. I feel so close to his music that I refer to him as “Uncle Neil.”  Like Neil, I often oscillate between rocking out heavily with my band and playing mellow, solo acoustic shows.
  2. Guided By Voices really changed the way I look at rock n roll… They saved rock for me in the 90s like the Replacements did in the 80s. Robert Pollard of GBV taught me that I could write songs that are stream of consciousness, one minute long, and record them in my basement with out of tune instruments. So, because of him, I did a lot of 4-track records where I played all of the instruments.

How has your approach to creating music changed over the period since you first started performing and today?

The biggest difference today is probably my voice. I have learned that I don’t have to push so much in order to rock. In the old days I would shred my voice at almost every gig, and now I sing with much more control by getting out of my own way. The other thing that has changed a lot is that I edit my lyrics a lot more these days. I used to make a point of NOT revising the lyrics because they were purer that way… but now I find myself reworking the lyrics again and again.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Van Halen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince, Tom Petty, The Ramones, the Lemonheads, and Ben Folds.

What role do politics and current events have in your music?

A big role. This new record is very political by chronicling the Syrian uprising/revolution, and the resulting crisis we see today. I am on the side of the people of Syria who want to be free from the oppression and brutality of the Assad regime. I am against the regime of Syria and the extremists who are hijacking what was once purely a peoples’ revolution. Most of all I am stunned and infuriated by the world’s inaction, as the superpowers stand aside and let this massacre continue.

Why should fans purchase Blood Like Fire (Songs for Syria)?

Fans should by this record because it looks and sounds mint. The record was engineered, produced, and mixed by Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Phish, Nada Surf, Lemonheads) with my full band, The Epic Poets. Proceeds from sales of this record will go directly to aid displaced Syrian children through Karam Foundation ( This record is the first political, protest record I have ever done – it is essentially a concept album. 

Social media is a major part of activism and the organic dissemination of news and culture. How has social media impacted your career, and how does it compare to traditional (word-of-mouth) methods?

I rely heavily on Facebook and Twitter to connect with fans. Especially now, since my music videos are playing on Arabic satellite news stations, I get messages on Facebook from new fans every day. It is a beautiful feeling to connect directly with Syrian people who are in the thick of it but take the time to express gratitude for my songs of solidarity. Also, the way the Syrian uprising got out to the world was through Youtube – people on the ground were posting videos of peaceful activists being gunned down by the regime. The first song and video that I did for Syria was made of these amateur video clips. It was amazing how quickly the song and video connected through the use of social media. Without social media, these songs and this new direction for my music would have not been possible.

How would individuals find out about you and purchase your album when it comes out on January 14th? is my website. is another resource. The album will be available through all major on line retailer, such as iTunes, Amazon, Cdbaby, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

Aside from your impending EP release, what else will 2014 hold for you?

I will be doing CD release events in major US citites, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco etc.  I will also be doing a lot of fundraising concerts for Syria. For example, I will be performing at the National Conference for SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) in San Diego in February. More importantly, I will be traveling with a delegation from Karam Foundation to work with Syrian refugees in Jordan in the summer.

Do you have anything else to tell NeuFutur readers?


Herr Baked Ripple Cut Potato Crisps – Jalapeno Flavored and Sweet Potat


The chips are crispy without being greasy, and have a nice level of heat to them. The peppery flavor of the chips stand up well to repeat snacking; Herr’s has crafted a flavor profile for their potato crisps that not only is innovative, but will please the greatest possible amount of Herr’s fans. For those that are conscious about their health, this addition to the Herr’s baked line has only 2 grams of fat (3% of the RDV) per each ounce. The 110 calorie count of the serving is small enough that individuals even on the most restrictive of diets will be able to find a place for the Jalapeno crisps on their plate.

The Sweet Potato Baked Crisps are perhaps the strongest of the batch. Herr’s provides a distinct offering on the traditional potato chip flavor by including sweet potatos into the mix. There is a good blend of sweet and slightly salty here, lending themselves well to the chip format. I would like to have a little pepper profile to the Sweet Potato chips, but I feel that introducing the collective palette to sweet potato in chip format is enough of a start.

Make sure to visit your local store to purchase a bag of the Herr Baked Ripple Cut Potato Crisps, and take a look at the company’s website for more information about the full breadth of their offerings. Herr’s is really good about releasing new products in a rapid fashion, so make sure to keep looking out for the new varietals of their crisps efforts.

Rating: 8.5/10


Herr Baked Ripple Cut Potato Crisps – Jalapeno Flavored  and Sweet Potato / $3.99 /

The Hunt DVD


The use of color in this film provides a greater level of nuance to what is already a compelling and alluring title. The movie surrounds the mob mentality that occurs when stories are picked up by mass media without properly vetting the initial sources. The Hunt is one of the first films that I can recall that has shown the specific ramifications of a false accusation. Part of the impact of The Hunt comes in the roles turned in by Mads Mikkelsen (Lucas) and the rest of the cast. While the movie is set in Denmark, I feel that the issues that are associated with this sort of mistaken guilty transcends state and country borders; anyone that has had a jealous love craft lies will be able to feel for Lucas. After being vindicated as innocent in the commission of the crime, Lucas is still haunted by the specter of this accusation – the film shows that Lucas will never be free of these lies.

The Magnolia Pictures release of the title is very sharp, and presents the dialogue of the film with a clarity that ensures that anyone that is familiar with Danish will be able to pick up every utterance. English subtitles are provided, and seem to follow pretty faithfully the original intent of the film.

The Hunt can be purchased from a wide variety of online and brick and mortar stores. Look to spend about around $20 for a copy of the DVD; Magnolia has also released the film in the Blu-Ray format for around $25. Visit the Magnolia Pictures website for information about their properties, previous releases, and their presence on social media websites.

Rating: 9.4/10


The Hunt DVD / 2013 Magnolia Pictures / 116 Minutes /

Mexican Standoff Review





Mexican Standoff pours with a very dark color, Spicy, chocolaty, and with a nice coffee flavor. The Mexican Standoff is an eye-opening and warmth-generating effort, a great introduction to Due South Brewing Company. This Florida-based brewery has just released Mexican Standoff, an epic porter that will caress imbibers while bludgeoning them mercilessly.


Mexican Standoff’s warmth is due to the presence of Scotch Bonnet peppers. The outward heat situates this beer nicely between smokier imperial porters and the tear-your-soul out Ghost Pepper efforts. The beer is tremendously eclectic, providing imbibers with countless twists and turns. This means that the creaminess of the porter can pop out with one sip, while the pure heat of the pepper side may rear its head soon after. As the beer gets warmer, the spice side mellows out somewhat and allows the cinnamon and sugar notes of the porter to show themselves. A 22 ounce bottle of the Mexican Standoff will make for a great night or a tremendous opening to a session for two or three individuals.


Due South’s website provides information about the brewery’s offerings and the company’s taproom, and presents an up to date beer list for the latter. If you ever find yourself in the South Florida area, make this sojourn – Due South has hit it out of the part with this challenging brew. This is a perfect end to an already strong 2013 for microbrews.


Rating: 9.6/10


Mexican Standoff / 8.5% ABV / Imperial / Strong Porter / Due South Brewing Company /

TEEN AGERS: Winter Tour

Beginning on Thursday, TEEN AGERS (Orlando, FL) will embark on a 10-day tour of the East Coast in support of its debut full-length, I Hate It. The Orlando punk outfit – which features past and current members of Go Rydell, Protagonist, How Dare You and Direct Effect – will be playing shows with Divided Heaven.

Recorded by Less Than Jake’s Roger Lima and mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton of Descendents and All, I Hate It was released in November by Anchorless Records. The album is available on LP and CD formats, with the former being limited to 300 on color vinyl. The record is also out digitally via Bandcamp and iTunes.

You can currently stream the 10-song long player in full at Additionally, Teen Agers recently teamed up with PureVolume to premier a video for “Here We Go Again,” one of the album’s many standout tracks.

Stay tuned for more Teen Agers news in the coming month. You can follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.




JAN 02 – Norfolk, VA @ The Iguana w/ Thomas McDonald & the Record Collection
JAN 03 – Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar w/ Ex Friends, Ma Jolie, Toy Store Riot and more
JAN 04 – Doylestown, PA @ Siren Records w/ Squid Subject A, Ma Jolie, Townhouses
JAN 05 – New Brunswick, NJ @ Court Tavern w/ Timeshares, Great Explainer, City Limits
JAN 06 – Trenton, NJ @ Mill Hill Saloon w/ Great Explainer
JAN 08 – Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea Room w/ Signals Midwest, Timeshares
JAN 09 – Providence, RI @ Dusk w/ Neutrinos, She Said That
JAN 10 – Cambridge, MA @ Plough And Stars w/ Jeff Rowe
JAN 11 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Gutter w/ Young Leaves, Scarboro
JAN 12 – Alexandria, VA @ The Lab w/ Ex Friends, Braceface (CD release)


Recorded by Less Than Jake’s Roger Lima and mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton of Descendents and All, I Hate It erupts like a sonic Cthulhu from beneath the Florida swamps, barreling its way through 30 minutes of propulsive, dynamic and undeniably catchy punk rock. Teen Agers contains no actual teenagers – I mean, look at those beards – but it does boast past and current members of bands such as Go Rydell, Protagonist, How Dare You and Direct Effect. With plenty of melody to satisfy the crowd at your next wine mixer and a hearty helping of riffage guaranteed to satiate any unresolved adolescent angst, this barnstormer of a debut is like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object – just a bit slower, so as to not pull a muscle. Highly recommended for fans of The Menzingers, Hot Water Music, Dag Nasty and Lifetime.