Netherfriends Premiere “Joey Vision”


Shawn Rosenblatt, professionally known as Netherfriends, began his career in the mid-aughts composing layered indie-pop music after graduating from Chicago’s Columbia College. He spent nearly a decade touring constantly, sometimes with other musicians, playing thousands of shows and releasing dozens of musical projects and unique online components.

In early 2012 he shifted from doing straight indie-pop, layered-noise tunes to more hip-hop inspired rhythms, utilizing original and sampled sounds. In 2013, he went into his Coyote Hearing Studios and recorded what would become his debut LP “P3ACE” (pronounced three-peace).  With his honed fundamentals still in place, his new studio tunes found more depth and dimension.  His first release from P3ACE, “Uptown Boys”, was hailed by Consequence of Sound as a “new stoner anthem” with a “contagious punch, the song bumps in all the right spots.” Spin magazine who premiered the song, said it was a “a skittering, bass-knocking piece of pop that finds our hero stoned and dreaming.”

Netherfriends’ newest track “Joey Vision” finds him on the other end of the emotional spectrum; tuned-in instead of dropped out.  Heated with fury rather than floating and buoyant  The song has a Fugazi-laced urgency and a delivery inspired by great new wave songs.  Years of frustration and tireless effort find Shawn scolding the audience with an ironic yet honest declaration of taste.  You never can tell if he is bragging, complaining, or both.

Netherfriends is a unique artist who somehow manages to toe the line between being honest and overbearing. He is an artist that has a dedicated cult following who recognize that he creates art that is unique from anything anyone else is doing. As Shawn (Netherfriends) has admitted, he will continue to create art in various genres. He refuses to be pigeon-holed as a specific type of artist, and resents anyone who thinks he must.

‘P3ACE’ is set to be released as a free download on March 3rd, 2014.

Click Here To Listen To “Joey Vision” On Noisey






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