Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Deluxe

Believe it or not kids, there was a time when Elton John was not only cool, but wrote songs you didn’t have to listen to on the sly with the windows rolled up in the car or through earbuds, pretending you were listening to The National. Continue reading “Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Deluxe”

CENTURIES: Florida Hardcore Act To Embark On Western US Tour


West Palm Beach, Florida punk/hardcore outfit, CENTURIES, is about to undertake a new US tour, taking their live show to new sectors of the country.


Still touring on their Southern Lord-released Taedium Vitae debut LP, the band will embark westward out of their home state on a twenty-two date tour on April 9th, the trek running out to and up the West Coast US before cutting back down through the Midwest back to their home turf with a closing show in Orlando on May 1st with Of Feather and Bone for the majority of the dates.

Through nine anthems in just over twenty minutes, on Taedium Vitae, CENTURIES unloads a potent brew of punk-fueled dark hardcore, the album surging with tragic melodies, volatile d-beat leanings with an emotive angst-ridden vocal assault, the album recorded with Kris Hillbert at Legitimate Business studios in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Check out recent live footage of a new CENTURIES song HERE, and stream all of Taedium Vitae HERE. Stay tuned for new live and release updates on CENTURIES in the coming months.


CENTURIES Spring 2014 Tour:

4/09/2014 Display – Gainesville, FL

4/10/2014 Mango’s – Houston, TX

4/11/2014 Sons of Hermann Hall – Dallas, TX

4/12/2014 house show – Lubbock, TX

4/13/2014 The Gasworks – Albuquerque, NM w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/14/2014 51West – Tempe, AZ w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/16/2014 Aladdin Jr’s – Pomona, CA w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/17/2014 CYC – Fresno, CA w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/18/2014 Ft. Ryland – Reno, NV w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/19/2014 The Boreal – Eugene, OR w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/20/2014 La Voyeur – Olympia, WA w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/21/2014 The Charleston – Bremerton, WA w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/22/2014 The Cut – Everett, WA w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/23/2014 Ole Beck VFW – Missoula, MT w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/24/2014 Radio Rendevoo – Twin Falls, ID w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/25/2014 The Salt Haus – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/26/2014 The Baby House – Laramie, WY w/ Of Feather and Bone

4/27/2014 TBA – Kansas City, KS

4/28/2014 Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO

4/29/2014 Rampage – Jackson, MS

4/30/2014 The Forge – Birmingham, AL

5/01/2014 The Space Orlando, FL









The Heart Pills Gunfighter CD Review


Gunfighter is an album that has a number of twists and turns, allowing The Heart Pills to take on hints of mid-90s California, The Anniversary, and even hints of Bright Eyes before the initial effort Concrete ceases. Cowboy has a bouncy feel to it that will appease fans of NoFX and The Aquabats, even as an electric sound (think The Red Hot Valentines) plays at the periphery. The dynamic that the guitars and drums create during this effort showcase that The Heart Pills are a musically solid act.

Mississippi Johnny has a dust-swept mid-sixties cowboy feel to it; one can easily imagine that The Heart Pills have delved into the depth of Ennio Morricone’s and Dick Dale’s repertoire for influences. The vocals provide the narration for the track, and are inspired by Strike Anywhere and early Rise Against. Fiddler Diddler opens up with splashy drums and a fun sound that seems like a mix of Mojo Nixon, The Vandals, and The Dickies. While a good proportion of Gunflighter are tracks that end before the three-minute mark, the fullness of the compositions and heavy narrative quality of The Heart Pills will force listeners to focus in intently for a number of spins before hearing everything that the band has placed.

Gunfighter can be purchased from The Heart Pills’ Bandcamp (http://theheartpills.bandcamp.com/ ); the band keeps their Facebook updated regularly with their latest news and band happenings. This album is extremely solid and will stand up to repeat listens; if you like punk or thoughtful rock music, The Heart Pills are the band for you. Hope to hear that they are coming to our neck of the woods; I know I would drive up to Cleveland (~45 minutes) just to see them.

Top Tracks: Concrete, Mississippi Johnny, Fiddler Diddler.

Rating: 9.0/10

The Heart Pills Gunfighter CD Review / 2014 Self / 9 Tracks / https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Heart-Pills/176586240274 / http://theheartpills.wordpress.com/

The Ramshackle Army album out now

Melbourne Celt folk-punks THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY broke onto their local scene in 2010 and quickly set about playing to diverse crowds up and down the East Coast of Australia, finding themselves equally at home in front of a festival crowd as the dark seedy punk rock shows that they knew and loved. Setting out to create party music they combined Aussie folklore with personal experience, while drawing inspiration from the sounds of Australian and Celtic folk, with a heavy dose of the punk rock which they had grown up on.

For fans of: Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Tosspints, The Mahones…Please use the links below for more info.

The EPK link below includes photos, album download (mp3) and more.

‘Anchors Aweigh’, ‘Boilermaker’s Hands’ and “Road Less Travelled” are the tracks we have been using for promo, but feel free to use any of the tracks you see fit.

Since the release of their last recording, 2011’s independent EP “Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions”, the band have toured extensively up the East Coast of Australia and over to the US.  Long overdue for a new release, the band feel they have assembled a list of songs equal parts diverse and decisively representative of The RSA.

2013 was full of ups and downs for the RSA camp, with successful trips to Port Fairy Folk Festival and a St Patricks Day run, but also with the departure of founding member and banjo/mandolin player Loc Kibell.  Now once again whole, after the addition of Josh Aveling, the band are excited to embark on the next chapter of their journey.

The album entitled “Letters From The Road Less Travelled” contains a list of tracks inspired by local Australian tales, the band’s own road experiences, and current societal events.  Sounds from the album draw inspiration from the same Celtic and Folk genres which have flowed through previous recordings, but with a noticeably more punk rock base identified by loud sing-alongs and big harmonies.

The band have attempted to create a raw, organic, open sounding recording rather than an overproduced compressed sound, and to this end recorded directly to tape with rock based engineer Loki Lockwood, who’s list of references includes work with Spiderbait, Digger & the Pussycats, Graveyard Train, Brothers Grim and The Drones.

The process and result has been a growing and learning experience for the band, one they how will lead them on a path to continue to grow with their music into the future.  This is but the next step for a band determined to have adventures and share their stories with the world.

Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions EP

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Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza – Columbus, Ohio Review


The restaurant’s house salad is a great value with its price, serviced very quickly with the correct dressing. Their Ultimate Pepperoni pizza had two types of pepperoni; Boston’s sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The pizza was simply one of the finest we have had in the Columbus area. For those wanting a different take on Italian cuisine, the spicy chicken and alfredo contains a great portion of chicken while having a creamy, somewhat spicy cause enveloping the protein and the pasta. Boston’s cream pie contains a great amount of brandy butter, ensuring that the dessert melts in one’s mouth. For those that want to have a more substantive Boston’s cream pie experience, the dessert also comes in an original style chilled with chocolate icing.


For those individuals that wish to experience a variety of beers, Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza has 15+ beer taps, with a number of independent breweries providing their efforts (Bell’s and Lagunitas were two when we were there). There is a considerably wide Happy hour, offered from Monday to Friday from 3 to 7 PM. There are a variety of different offers which take place here – examples included $1 off 32 ounce beers, $1 off glasses of wine, and a further discount off of their starters (appetizers). The ready-made drink menu is spectacular, with the Ultimate 1800 Margarita existing at the perfect price and taste point.


The restaurant has situated itself as a sports-friendly atmosphere, with a large amount of large flat screen that had a variety of channels to watch. The restaurant has cigarettes and lighters available for purchase for those that will be going to any of the numerous venues and events that take place through the week and weekend in Columbus’ Arena District.


The restaurant is replete with Columbus sporting memorabilia, which will undoubtedly inspire fans of the Crew, Clippers, or the Blue Jackets. Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza is the perfect all-ages restaurant that has more than enough twists and turns for the adult set. Pick up a parking space (there is on-road and garage parking available throughout the whole of the Arena District) and pick up a meal from Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza, located on West Nationwide Boulevard.

Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza / Arena District, Columbus Ohio- 191 W. Nationwide Blvd. / 614-229-4275 /  http://www.bostons.com

Double Vision (Ra)w Form EP Review


Nothin to Lose is a track that utilizes deep and dark production, creating a Three 6 or B.O.B. sound for the backing beat, while the flows themselves very between Del the Funkee Homosapien, J. Cole, and XV. The track is catchy while not eschewing the street aspects of rap. The lyrical flow is incredibly tight and complex, while keeping things interesting for those that are looking for music similar to that experienced on rap rotation. All is Love slows things up considerably while keeping the same echoing grandeur that was originally present during Nothing to Lose. The track has hints of Nas and Common along with the same lyrical complexity of a Pharcyde. The track continues to increase tempo until it skillfully approaches the chorus, and spins to a close as deftly as it opened.

Between Those Thighs is bipolar in the sense that it unites the airy and atmospheric parts of the initial half of the EP along with a much more dark and guttural beat. The shuffling and bass-heavy aspect of this track separates it from the rest of the cuts on (Ra)w Form and provides listeners the boost that they need to complete the disc.

Hello, Goodbye is the final track on the (Ra)w Form mini-album, and it hits extremely hard. Double Vision have crafted an EP that is strong from opening to close, and in doing so, will make fans out of listeners. Visit their Facebook or Twitter for more information about the act and the tracks that they will be releasing through the remainder of 2014 and into 2015.

Top Tracks: Nothin to Lose, Between Those Thighs

Rating: 8.4/10

Double Vision (Ra)w Form EP Review / 2014 Self / 6 Tracks / https://www.facebook.com/thatsdv/info / https://twitter.com/DVhiphop

Hooyoosay Come On EP Review


Few artists are able to provide listeners with a full semblance of the band’s nuance in the course of two tracks. Hooyoosay has stuffed each track on this single with enough passion and aplomb to keep things lively.

Come On is a track that touches upon the sixties and eighties with a bouncy beat and a surfish vibe that permeates all points of the song. There is a tautness to the different elements of Hooyoosay that make for a single-worthy track. For those that are more concerned about the quality of the instrumentation, the band is able to create something dense and detailed without losing the friendly sound that is present here. Throw in a sizzling guitar line at points and one will be provided with a track that will get people up and dancing. Tapping out before the three-minute mark, Come On is a highly energetic track that allows the band ample opportunity to introduce themselves to listeners.

The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man is the B-side to Come On in name only; the track has hints of country and western along with southern rock. With a honky-tonk cherry that is at the top of this musical sundae, Hooyoosay are able to create something that is decidedly different from other tracks in their repertoire. The inclusion of a harmonica into the mix provides additional nuance and layers which listeners can further dissect. The vocals / guitar / drum dynamic is still extremely sweet, but the band is able to keep things fresh and interesting with this minor change. The band ends up 2 for 2 on this EP, and will undoubtedly make converts with this release.

Visit the Hooyoosay website for more information about the band and for ample samples and photos of the act. Let us know what you think about the Come On / Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man single.

Rating: 8.3/10

Hooyoosay Come On EP Review / 2014 Self / 2 Tracks / http://hooyoosay.com/

Sampology x Cashmere Cat

Sampology’s new Cashmere Cat remix & eye-popping A/V video with found footage from old Bollywood films: http://hypetrak.com/2014/03/cashmere-cat-wedding-bells-sampologys-audio-visual-edit/



Last night Sampology wrapped his North American tour including a Miami Music Week performance at Sweat It Out! with Yolanda Be Cool, What So Not, Plastic Plates, Cassian & Bones.

Strike IPA


Strike Brewing Company is behind the aptly-named Strike IPA. The beer pours with a hazy reddish-brown color and a considerable amount of head. There is a considerable hop presence that pervades all aspects of this IPA, ensuring that those that seek out the most assertive and in-your-face releases will be appeased. Hints of pine, flowers, and other astringent notes can all be discerned, while the beer gradually opens up to a malt assertiveness that concludes with a more dry finish. 5.9% may not put this beer at the high end of IPA offerings, but I feel that the bite of the beer coupled with the decent alcohol percentage will ensure that individuals will be able to appreciate this brew.

Strike has a number of other releases that can be located at their website, which also contains considerable information about the brewery’s latest happenings, the locations of their brews, and biographical information about their company. Locate the nearest Strike-stocking store and evaluate their IPA today. If you are a fan of india pale ales, what Strike has brewed will definitely be up your alley.

Rating: 8.5/10

Strike IPA / 5.9% ABV / 89 IBU /  22 Ounce / http://strikebrewingco.com/ipa/ /

Harlot Honey Blonde Ale


Harlot is a beer that looks to expand upon what one will desire from the blonde ale / lager style. This Carson’s Brewery effort pours with a very dark, amber / copper coloration. The head that issues forth dissipates quickly and is fairly off-white. An initial sip provides imbibers with a number of twists and turns. The beer has a good amount of sweetness that is moderated with the slightest hint of hop and cereal malt elements. As the beer continues to warm up, a decidedly different of elements come into focus. This means that there are some fruit (plum, raisin) elements that work perfectly alongside the initial honey side of the brew. The 4.0% alcohol of the Harlot makes this into an interesting take on the session ale format. With this reddish-gold coloration and robust body,  Harlot Honey Blonde Ale represents something that is completely different from other efforts that are currently on the market.

The Carson’s Brewery website has a ton of information about their year-round and seasonal specialties. Take a particular look at their Eville (American Wheat) and RIPA (Red India Pale Ale) and keep an ear firmly on the ground for further information regarding their events and other additions to the line.

Rating: 8.0/10

Harlot Honey Blonde Ale / 4.0% ABV / Carson’s Brewery / http://www.carsonsbrewery.com