Broken Gold Residency at Hundo Beach EP CD


Punk rock has no shortage of super groups and side projects. The big question, after one of these projects surface, is whether it will be an ongoing occurrence (like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) or a one-off moment in time (like Rumbleseat, the fantastic acoustic folk side project featuring members of Hot Water Music that only put out one full length). Looks like Broken Gold decided to keep hope alive and go with the former.

The band, comprised of current and former members of the Riverboat Gamblers, put out a great record in 2011 and then called it a day… until now. Though Residency at Hundo Beach is only six songs, they happen to be six impressive tracks. A little less raucous than the normal fare associated with the Riverboat Gamblers, the songs cull inspiration from some of the better shoegaze and garage bands out there.  Though a little disappointing in its length, songs like the album opener “Teeth” and the sonically expansive “Life of the Machine” certainly make up for the wait.

Broken Gold – Residency at Hundo Beach EP/6 Tracks/End Sounds/2014


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