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Frederik Abas, decade long denizen of the dance scene, brings a fresh new track out to the eagerly awaiting public in his Powerhouse Music debut, Amsterdamski. Referred to as the “peak-time dance floor destroyer,” Amsterdamski is undoubtedly one of the few dance songs that have the ability to engage listeners throughout the entire song with heavy bass and electronic yet still maintain a a definitive and catchy tune.

As resident DJ/producer of the Amsterdam based renowned Escape club and the Loveland Events, Frederik Abas has once again released a track that will undoubtedly attract the masses. Amsterdamski was first exclusively aired by none other than Nicky Romero last October as the Freshtrack of The Week and has finally come to fruition, releasing on Beatport March 10, 2014.

As a track, Amsterdamski has its fair share of appealing and detracting factors. It is certainly a big beat, but the flavour is widely reminiscent of such influences as DJ Marcello and DJ Tiësto, which ultimately shape the track into what it has become.  What it lacks in memorability, it makes up for in energy in a fast-paced energetic tune. The seamless changes in beat and song easily make up for its drawbacks, allowing the listener to effortlessly dance along in a sure-fire club beat. This is surely a song that you will recognize as one of the more powerful songs of your night.

Frederik Abas plays it safe with this track, making it a smart choice by ignoring to implement “experimental” influences and sticking to the general trend of high energy catalytic tunes. You should absolutely check out Amsterdamski on Soundcloud and Beatport!

Rating: 7.6/10

Frederik Abas – Amsterdamski / 2014 /

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Author: Yousuf Ahmed

Grade 12 High School, en route to a BSc. in a Canadian University. Joined the Neufutur team in February 2014! Always love discovering new EDM / house / dance tracks and reviewing them for you guys!

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