Rogue: The Complete First Season DVD Review


Every TV series creator’s hope is that their show gets picked up by a network. But how bummed do you think the creators of Rogue were when they found out their solidly impressive cop series was getting picked up by DirecTV.


Rogue centers on Grace Travis (Thandie Newton), who plays a detective going undercover with a crime boss to ultimately solve the murder of her young son. Newton is great as is Marton Csokas, who plays the chillingly evil Jimmy Laszlo, the head of the crime syndicate Travis has infiltrated.


 With solid writing and a refreshingly original premise this little talked about – because it was watched by very few – series deserves so much more. Here’s hoping they find their audience on DVD.


Rogue: The Complete First Season/4 DVDs/500 mins./eOne/2014


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