Abita Spring IPA Review

The latest Abita seasonal is a Spring IPA, a very approachable india pale ale that pours with a hazy, yellowish-amber coloration. The lacing in this beer is very thick and persistent; subsequent sips will yield great lacing down the glass.  The hop bite provided by the Spring IPA is due to the inclusion of Centennial and Amarillo hops, while there is a decent amount of sweetness that concludes each quaff of the beer.

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DownTown Mystic Self-Titled CD Review

In The Cold has a seventies pop-rock sound that will immediately draw listeners in and keep them focused through the first section of the band’s latest release. The front-forward aspect of the vocals are reminiscent of John Denver and Jackson Browne, while the instrumentation is influenced by acts as wide as America, The Eagles, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Continue reading “DownTown Mystic Self-Titled CD Review”

Undercover Rabbis Empires CD Review

An Empire Has Fallen is the opening track on Empires, and it comes forth with some sludgy and dark metal. The act is able to create a narrative using only instruments, and the resulting composition is enough to keep listeners amped up through a six-minute block. The production allows each element of the band to shine, even as the resulting contributions combine into something much more expansive.

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Summit Unchained Series / Batch 15: Fest Bier

Summit’s latest effort in the Unchained Series is a German-influenced offering from brewer Nate Siats. The beer pours with an amber coloration and a small amount of slightly off-white head. This effort has a malty, slightly biting initial mouthfeel. This set of flavors opens up to a sweeter overall flavoring. Rather than beat imbibers with the sweet side, a significant grain and hop side freshens up palettes. Continue reading “Summit Unchained Series / Batch 15: Fest Bier”


Having spent the past few months on both a U.K. and U.S. headlining tour, New York City’s very own SKATERS have announced that they will hit the road for a series of radio concerts and headlining shows.  Continue reading “SKATERS ANNOUNCE MAY TOUR DATES IN SUPPORT OF DEBUT ALBUM, MANHATTAN”

Allagash Golden Brett Review

Golden Brett pours with a very titular coloration, while a small white head that creates some long-lasting lacing. The beer is a perfect introduction into the wild ale style. The golden beer (Belgian-styled) base is the perfect breeding ground for the brettanomyces yeast. With the initial sip, one will be able to taste white wine and citrus (particularly lime) elements, which rapidly shift to notes of pear, grape skins, and green apple. Continue reading “Allagash Golden Brett Review”