Adult World DVD Review

The indie drama Adult World certainly has its share of faults: one-dimensional characters, a phoned in performance from its one marque star (John Cusack) and a whiny, self-entitled main character that’s has you almost rooting for her failure. But somehow, despite all of these obstacles, director Scott Coffey still manages to turn in a film that is charming and oddly satisfying despite – or thanks – to its quirks.

Emma Roberts plays Amy, an early 20s suburban kid who has wanted to make a living as a poet since middle school. She ends up taking a job at a porno store to start paying off school debts (this happens to be the cutest, mom and pop porno store in the history of the world, by the way). She also ends up talking herself into a job as assistant/house cleaner to her favorite poet, Rat, played (barely) by Cusack. Despite getting top billing in this movie, Cusack acts as if this role is just another dead-end job in a porno shop for him as well. More impressively is Armando Riesco as Rubia, Amy’s new transsexual friend/life mentor.

Yes, the movie is a tad bit predictable, but still manages to lure you in and keeps you watching until the very end.

Adult World/93 Mins./MPI Home Video and IFC Films

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