Alan Partridge DVD

Despite being wildly popular in the UK, Alan Partridge – the clueless radio host played for decades by British comedian Steve Coogan – still has little more than a small cult following among U.S. audiences. The movie, Alan Partridge, likely won’t broaden the appeal here, but is still a welcome treat for longtime fans.


The movie finds Partridge at his small town talk radio station after it has just been bought by new owners. One of the mentally-unstable morning DJs is let go – in part because of Partridge – so decides to take the station and its employees hostage. The hilariously obtuse Partridge acts as the liaison between the police and his captor/friend (played to perfection by Colm Meaney).

This is not high satire, but there are plenty of laughs in this comedy.

Aland Partridge/90 Mins./Magnolia/2014

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