Stephen Farrell Self-titled CD Review

For You (My Love for You) is a heartfelt and touching composition that succeeds on little more than a guitar and Farrell’s vocals. When he drums kick in, what tissues forth from listeners’ speakers is something greater than the sum of its constituent parts.81XE5gdsZAL._SL1500_

My One True Valentine has a bouncy style to it which showcases hints of country and soft rock, with a small smattering of classical music. Farrell’s vocals do a great job in linking together these disparate elements, giving the album the boost that it needs to continue. I Can’t Believe We’re Still In Love slows things up to create an ode to love; anyone that is in a relationship with someone that they love will be able to be uplifted by this composition. Don’t Teach Me Tonight has a doo-wop styling to it that is adapted for a more current and contemporary sort of sound. The compositions which Farrell has included on this release showcase a wide array of emotions and genres, providing listeners with a greater semblance of the man and his compositions. THe album is interesting from beginning to end, while the depth and breadth of the influences presented here provide considerably replay value to this disc. You and I spins things nicely to a close; the track is a microcosm of the twists and turns that Farrell initiates on this release.

Make sure to visit the PNPJazz website for more information about Farrell and the record label’s releases; one is able to purchase a copy of Farrell’s latest.

Top Tracks: For You (My Love for You), My One True Valentine, I Can’t Believe We’re Still In Love

Rating: 8.7/10

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