The only-available-on-Hulu comedy Deadbeat flew low under the radar this year, while other Internet TV series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards dominated most of the media coverage. It’s a shame though, as this goofy, raunchy comedy is funnier than just about most of the new sitcoms that debuted in the same year, on the traditional networks and cable channels.


On the 10 episodes that make up the first season, audiences meet the always broke stoner Kevin (Tyler Labine, last seen on Reaper) and his dealer and only friend Roofie (Tropic Thunder’s Brandon T. Jackson). Kevin can not only see dead people, but talk to them as well and sets up a business helping New Yorkers get rid of ghosts that won’t move on, like the dead model who can’t leave earth until her glamour shots are hanging in the American Apparel-ish store she was modeling for when she died.

At times profane, but always funny, Deadbeat deserves a slew of new fans before season two starts shooting.

Deadbeat/220 mins./Lionsgate/2014

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