Snails & Antiserum “Wild” remixes out now

Snails & Antiserum have dropped a remix EP for “Wild”, out now via OWSLA. The original track has received support from Skrillex, DJ Snake, Dillon Francis and more throughout the year. The package includes remixes from bass mastermind MUST DIE!, electro expert Far Too Loud, festival mainstay Henry Fong and DMC world champion DJ Craze, plus a VIP remix from Snails & Antiserum themselves.

Catch Snails playing at HARD Day Of The Dead this Satuday at 5:25pm on the Purple Stage, and touring alongside Brillz on his TWONKAHOLICS tour. Continue reading “Snails & Antiserum “Wild” remixes out now”

I’m the Man: The Story of That Guy From Anthrax by Scott Ian

It’s a pretty rare occurrence when the guitar player is the focal point of a band. Yes, Jimmy Paige, Eddie Van Halen and a slew of other gifted six stringers have all received God-like adulation from their fans, but Anthrax is one of those rare instances when you can name check their guitarist, Scott Ian, before the long pause comes as you search around for the name of the singer. Despite, or more likely, because of a revolving door of front men over the band’s three-plus decades existence, from the very beginning, Ian’s impressive chin beard and thick as cream cheese Queens, NY accent, have always been front and center serving as the voice of the band; whether he was talking about the evolution of Thrash metal or riffing on the in-and-outs of 1980s pop culture as a regular guest on VH1’s I Love the … series. Continue reading “I’m the Man: The Story of That Guy From Anthrax by Scott Ian”

36 CRAZYFISTS Sign to Spinefarm Records

36 CRAZYFISTS have emerged from a four-year recording hibernation and have signed a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records. The label welcomes the Alaska-originated band, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, to its formidable and expanding roster, which boasts the best in hard rock and heavy metal. Continue reading “36 CRAZYFISTS Sign to Spinefarm Records”

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks Share Short Film For “Catchy (Was Contagious)”

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks is proud to share the short film for ‘Catchy (Was Contagious),’ from their debut album ‘Enter The Slasher House’ out now on Domino. The tense, eerie 9 minute short is inspired by early black & white horror films, and finds its perfect soundtrack in the supernatural sounds of Slasher Flicks. Continue reading “Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks Share Short Film For “Catchy (Was Contagious)””

Brooklyn Brewery Wild Streak

There is a limited edition offering from Brooklyn Brewery that looks to go and define the American sour style. The beer comes ornately designed and can be purchased for around 25 to 30 dollars depending on where you are at. When one does open the Wild Streak bottle there are sour fruits and vinegar notes that issue forth from the bottle. The beer pours with a light orange / dark yellow coloration with a small amount of head. The initial sip of this Wild Streak starts yielding hands of dark fruits, wine, with the trappings of a Belgian or German style. Continue reading “Brooklyn Brewery Wild Streak”

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History Blu-Ray Disc

Ken Burns, the noted American documentarist has spent a considerable amount of time delving into the nuanced relationships that existed between the different parts of the Roosevelt family. The Roosevelts: An Intimate History is largely to do with FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Teddy Roosevelt. There is so much information that is presented during this 840 minute documentary that individuals should dedicate the better portion of a day if they wish to watch the entirety of the film. While people are familiar with the Bushes and the Clintons in terms of modern political dynasties, the Roosevelts largely shaped American politics through the 20th century. Continue reading “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History Blu-Ray Disc”

The Call (featuring Robert Levon Been of B.R.M.C.) – A Tribute to Michael Been (CD)

It’s always a tough act trying to replace a deceased front man. For every band like Big Country, who successfully (at least for a while) moved Alarm singer and longtime band friend Mike Peters to the front of the mic, there’s an INXS or Doors who have fumbled through various weak versions and ended up looking like sell outs. When the ‘80s band The Call lost its singer to a heart attack in 2010, it was pretty safe to assume that would be the end. Continue reading “The Call (featuring Robert Levon Been of B.R.M.C.) – A Tribute to Michael Been (CD)”

Alice Sungurov Broke My Heart Single Review

Broke My Heart is a pop effort that possible considerable instrumental ability; Alice Sungurov creates vocals during this single that tie together Jewel, Kelly Clarkson, and Avril Lavigne. The spontaneous approach taken by the instrumentation on Broke My Heart imbues the effort with considerable replay value, something that is further bolstered through a larger than life arrangement. The track may be a hair over four minutes but all of the twists and turns that are here make the cut resound long after the last strains of the track cease. A guitar / bass dynamic pushes the latter half of Broke My Heart into an entiretly new plateau, with the resulting effort unwilling to let listeners breathe. Continue reading “Alice Sungurov Broke My Heart Single Review”

Leonino Naked Tunes CD Review

I Think We Should Be Friends is the first track on Naked Tunes, and the effort provides listeners with a blend of styles that ties the track into the eighties (Pet Shop Boys), nineties (Julian Lennon, George Michaels) and something more current and contemporary (Robin Thicke). The presence of the guitar and strings during I Think We Should Be Friends provides additional complexity to the initial strains of Naked Tunes. Continue reading “Leonino Naked Tunes CD Review”

Organized Mess Topography CD Review

Kansas City’s Organized Mess have just released their latest album, Topography. Glass Shards utilizes an interesting time signature to imbue the track with a distinct sound that resounds loudly through the reminder of the disc. The track links together Defiance, Ohio and The Devil Is Electric with a very approachable and radio-friendly alternative / emotive rock style. The violin solo that links together the two sides of Glass Shards keeps the momentum high and allows Organized Mess to move through Topography with the greatest of ease.

Love and the Sea builds off of the work of Death Cab For Cutie and Bright Eyes to have a more emotionally dynamic and eclectic effort; the instrumental side pushes the vocal side to an entirely new plateau, all while the band issues forth a sound that is catchy and intense, intricate but fun. Salt in the Water is our favorite effort on Topography because of the more laid back sound that the band cultivates during the track’s three-plus minute run time. The piano line that is present during this track links together Ben Folds with the vocal duality of The Anniversary. The free-form jazz influence that weighs in on the track showcases the sheer amount of tools that Organized Mess has in their repertoire; one has to wonder where the band will take their listeners on subsequent recordings after Topography ceases.

Topography is available from CDBaby; the Organized Mess website contains a large amount of information about the band, a set of their tour dates, and samples of music from Topography.

Top Tracks: Love and the Sea , Salt in the Water
Rating: 8.3/10

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