Sallie Ford Slap Back CD Review

If you were a fan of Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, don’t assume you know what her new album is going to sound like.

SallieFordSlapBack-Cover-2While her earlier efforts had a real retro feel that flirted with soul, rockabilly and even hints of jazz, her new outfit – an all-female band – finds this Portland singer and crew rocking a more modern garage sound with full on fuzzed out guitars and bass and drums up front. Not to knock here earlier efforts – which were pretty damn fine – but this latest evolution as a solo artist is simply impressive.

Most of the tracks here possess a slow funk vibe that starts to build. While it’s hard to pick standouts from this collection, it’s difficult to find any faults in songs like “An Ending,” “Hey Girl” and “So Damn Low.”

A brilliant reinvention from someone you didn’t suspect needed a change.

 Sallie Ford – Slap Back/13 tracks/Vanguard/2014


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