Full Sail Bock

The beer pours with a dark brown coloration and little to nothing in the way of head. The beer’s nose has hints of grain and a slight hint of sweetness. The bold flavors of the Bock come forth with the first good sip – there are dark fruit and peppery notes that are given further depth through the inclusion of smaller hop elements. Continue reading “Full Sail Bock”

Leonard Nimoy Passes Away

Let us remember Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy has passed on Friday morning (Friday, February 27th). He was 83 years old. Known for an acting and (sometimes) musical career, Nimoy will be missed. He had previously been admitted into the hospital due to a variety of lung issues brought on by his COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Perhaps best known for his role as Spock in Star Trek, Nimoy had been active in Hollywood for well over 60 years. During his turns in Mission: Impossible, Combat!, The Virginian, and Wagon Train, Nimoy was able to cultivate a realistic and larger than life persona in any role that he assumed.

Nimoy was active on television and film up until his death. He had a brief cameo in the second film in the Star Trek reboot, Into Darkness. Fringe fans will remember him as William Bell, while he lent his voice to a memorable episode of The Big Bang Theory.


The Naddiks 21CB EP Review

Lost and Found is a raucous track that sails on a fuzzy sea of guitars and intensively emotive vocals that are equal amounts Dexter Holland, Justin Sane, and Paul Westerberg. The dynamic between the guitars and drums creates something that is absurdly fast while possessing just enough order to properly wallop anyone that is listening in. Continue reading “The Naddiks 21CB EP Review”

Pedro Soler & Philippe Mouratoglou to play Isaac Albeniz’s “Rumores de la Caleta”

The work of Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) draws profound inspiration from popular music, such as Suite espagnole, Iberia, Recuerdos de Viaje, and Cantos de España. Even though he composed for the piano with the greatest respect for the original forms – sevillanas, malagueñas, bulerias – his style is influenced by the specific colors of the guitar. Continue reading “Pedro Soler & Philippe Mouratoglou to play Isaac Albeniz’s “Rumores de la Caleta””

Harry Thomsen – “Law of Thinking”, “Law of Forgiveness”, and “Law of Sacrifice”

Harry Thomsen has cut three tracks – Law of Thinking, Law of Forgiveness, and Law of Sacrifice – that are based on the writings of Dr. Raymond Holliwell. Law of Thinking is an orchestral rock effort that links together the Scorpions and Kix. The deliberate beat that is weaved through the effort is countered nicely through Giddam’s vocal contributions. Continue reading “Harry Thomsen – “Law of Thinking”, “Law of Forgiveness”, and “Law of Sacrifice””

ON AN ON release new song “Drifting”

This spring ON AN ON will embark upon tour dates with Big Data following multiple performances at SXSW. The Minneapolis trio have a big year ahead of them in 2015 as they prepare for the forthcoming release of their sophomore album later this summer. Continue reading “ON AN ON release new song “Drifting””

Into the Black: The Inside Story of Metallica 1991 – 2014

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more definitive scholarship of Metallica, one of metal’s most polarizing bands, than the massive two-volume set by music journalists Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood. The first book, Birth School Metallica Death, covering the band from its founding up to 1990, came out in 2013. The follow-up, Into the Black, picks up from 1991 and carries on through the release of some of their more experimental, but ultimately tepid albums. Continue reading “Into the Black: The Inside Story of Metallica 1991 – 2014”

Axixic Dancing on the Moon CD Review

Dancing on the Moon’s titular track is a track that has is compelling, alluring, and punctual to a point. The track has hints of James Taylor, Warren Zevon, and George Strait. Axixic’s technical ability is what will keep fans coming back for more; the compositions that are present during Dancing on the Moon are able to seem listen and airy while possessing very dense and deep compositions. Ghosts of Huron is a perfect example of this, where listeners can appreciate the song on the surface or dissect each constituent element. Continue reading “Axixic Dancing on the Moon CD Review”