Murder By Death Big Dark Love Review

With their seventh album, the Indiana-based indie rock/folk/country band Murder By Death has managed to turn in their best collection of songs in their more than decade-long tenure. That’s not to say their earlier efforts were weak – far from it – but on Big Dark Love, the five piece have written a nearly flawless record that blurs the line between haunting (“Big Dark Love”), beautiful (“Strange Eyes”) and at times bordering on optimism (“Last Thing”)… well, optimistic-ish.bs224_mdb_cvr

Adam Turla’s subtle, but emotive vocals blend perfectly with the slew of instruments he’s paired with (cello, mandolin, flugelhorn…) and the lyrics, though dark at times are pure poetry. Of the 10 songs that make up Big Dark Love, there is not a single one that could be sacrificed to make the record stronger. Simply a great album from start to finish.

Murder By Death – Big Dark Love/10 tracks/Bloodshot Records/2015

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