DownTown Mystic Turn Around and Go Single Review

The hard rock style that DownTown Mystic create on their latest single, Turn Around and Go touches upon the seventies, eighties, and nineties. There is a vibrancy to this composition that will have fans of a wide stripe of genres bouncing their heads to the track. By having such an eclectic set of influences fueling the song, DownTown Mystic are able to speak directly to listeners of any related style. The production on Turn Around and Go makes this an easy choice for rock rotation as the vocals, guitars, and drums are able to shine alone and as a cohesive unit. While the track’s easy-going sound can be enjoyed easily, additional listens will provide fans with some insight about the sheer depth and intricacies that have been placed deep into the DNA of Turn Around and Go. Continue reading “DownTown Mystic Turn Around and Go Single Review”

Rebel Rouser IPA

Rebel Rouser pours with a dark yellow to gold coloration and a tannish / off-white head that results in lacing along the glass as one continues to drink the beer. The nose is a little bit hoppy, a little bit sweet, while one’s initial sip of Rebel Rouser will yield a more astringent hop bite along with hints of grass and a slightly-sweet ending. The flavors will dissipate in imbibers’ mouths quickly, acting as a refresher for palettes before one takes the next quaff. As Rebel Rouser continues to warm up, a different constellation of flavors takes over. It is this flexability that makes Rebel Rouser such a hit. Continue reading “Rebel Rouser IPA”

Lapalux Releases Puzzle, Lustmore Out 4/7

With Lapalux’ new album Lustmore arriving in under two weeks on April 7th, the artist has shared a third track for fans – “Puzzle”. The track, featuring Andreya Triana is available under the jump, so prepare to be taken away on some seriously trippy tuneage. Continue reading “Lapalux Releases Puzzle, Lustmore Out 4/7”

Shattered Sun Announce “The Ultimatum” Lyric Video

Wednesday, April 1st, marks the first date of the most crushing heavy metal tour to hit North America this year, the “Dark Roots Of Thrash II Tour”, in which SHATTERED SUN will be performing alongside heavy metal greats TESTAMENT and EXODUS. Continue reading “Shattered Sun Announce “The Ultimatum” Lyric Video”

The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1)

Having a titular character represent a set of traits by virtue of his name has been done through a considerable portion of literary history, and Kevin Debler has called back to that tradition with his latest work, The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1).  Ero must band together with a set of like-minded travelers to unseat a powerful evil, Prince Karthas. On this journey, tremendous dangerous and larger than life foes threaten to lay waste to everything that Ero holds dear. There is a rapid pace that is present here that rivals works like The Brothers War series or Larry Niven’s Known Space universe; the motivations of characters are wel thought-out and make sense given their dire situations. The villains are strong evil forces but are not cartoonish in their aims, making it easy for readers to fit into their shoes.

Continue reading “The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1)”

Angels of Hope: An Angelic Compilation CD

This compilation links together some of the most airy and serene creations in the Real Music catalogue, ensuring that Angels of Hope is a title chock-full of the biggest names in new age music. Kevin Kern, Omar Akram, Sacred Earth, Gandalf, and Liquid Mind are all represented, despite the sheer differences. Continue reading “Angels of Hope: An Angelic Compilation CD”

Rajendra Teredesai with Bluemonk Crosswinds CD Review

“The Road to Byblos” is the introduction to Crossroads, providing listeners with a timeless composition that could be heard in the dusty plains of Egypt as well as a hot yoga session in New York. The soundscape that is crafted during this composition is continually shifting and changing, a step that not only keeps things interesting from beginning to end but bolsters the cohesion of the early parts of the album. Continue reading “Rajendra Teredesai with Bluemonk Crosswinds CD Review”

Manett – Stigma-Style EP Review

A New View is an introduction that deftly ties together the eighties new romantic movement, nineties alternative, and a more contemporary indie / twee sound. The Birds (for Paulo) is a dissonant effort that blends organic and electric in a fashion that is shambling, brash, and will ultimately coalesce into something unified and effecting. Continue reading “Manett – Stigma-Style EP Review”

Mipow Power Cube 4500 Battery

The Mipow Power Cube battery is flat and very low profile, ensuring that one can stick the device in their purse, bag, or car without giving up valuable real estate. The Mipow Power Cube battery charges to full quickly, making sure that one will be able to charge their devices from empty to possessing a complete charge without having to re-charge the battery. After the Power Cube has been drained, sticking the device on a charge for around 4 to 5 hours seems to be sufficient to bring it back to full power. The company claims that the 4500 can be ran down and re-charged 500 times before the battery starts to lose its holding potential. Continue reading “Mipow Power Cube 4500 Battery”